Yezdi Roadster VS Honda CB 350 : Drag Race || Top End Race Battle

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42 thoughts on “Yezdi Roadster VS Honda CB 350 : Drag Race || Top End Race Battle”

  1. Bhai log agar royal Enfield 350 ki koi okat nhi rhi yezdi ke samne to dusri baiko ki kya mjal fir

  2. Sadiyon se is video ka intezaar tha… 😀 350cc k andar ayesa koi cruiser paida nhi huwa jo yezdi ko hara sake… par RS is damn fast too…

  3. Dude I am all in for that scrambler ….that will eventually be in my garage…. roadster not so much ….and that power difference is massive …. because that yezdi is liquid cooled….and i own a cb350….that is no top end machine….it's like joke …air cooled single cylinder …it's all about midrange punch… don't get me wrong it's a great bike but top end is horrible and that 5th gear …it is as tall as the distance from earth to moon.

  4. I mean apni bike collection dikho ek baar or kon si kyu li ye bhi batao, please please please please please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💓💓💓💓♥️♥️♥️

  5. Retro bikes r nt meant for drag racing.. It's about comfort, smoothness n cruising. Drag race hi Karna hai toh sports bike hi le leta….

  6. Bhai it was ur fault. Highways pr race tab hi lagao jab road empty sa ho. Aur bhi commuters chalte hai n sadak to same hi hai buddy. Ride safe n keep others safe too.

  7. Everyone busy watching yezdi crusing ahead of cb350rs but breaking of cb350rs came out of syllabus super stopping power.

  8. Bro this road is not safe for check top speed. Kindly Avoid this road to do this perform you should to go expressways.

  9. you guys doing it wrong honda's high speed gear is 4th in this gear only it can reach 135+ fastly, 5th is only for maintaining the speed, however roadster has high bhp so it will win in long run anyway.


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