XRP Ripple news today: SEC Responds TO OUR REQUESTS Investor Advisory Committee, Fed CBDC Paper Out

XRP Ripple news today (1/23): SEC Responds to Investor Advisory Committee Nomination, Fed releases CBDC Paper

XRP Ripple news today:
► Fed releases CBDC Paper
► SEC Responds to Investor Advisory Committee Nomination



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Fed releases long-awaited study on a digital dollar but doesn’t take a position yet on creating one


SEC Responds to Investor Advisory Committee Nomination

00:00 Intro
00:24 Channel Update – Thank you for the kind words
02:01 Crypto Market Update
02:31 Fed releases CBDC Paper
07:07 SEC Responds to Investor Advisory Committee Nomination
09:53 Closing thoughts



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28 thoughts on “XRP Ripple news today: SEC Responds TO OUR REQUESTS Investor Advisory Committee, Fed CBDC Paper Out”

  1. Thanks for the updates that you constantly do. It’s good to have and remember the special memories we have of people who pass. Hope you can take time for yourself and family to recover from your loss.
    Happy to wait for your updates until you feel up to it. All the best

  2. FRANK….soooo sorry for your loss…prayers for you and your family through these trying times….POISE AND PATIENCE through your ordeal. Thank you for being a part of my daily routine😉

  3. About @8:30 – Yeah, I think everybody got that response. Its just an automated response they evidently setup quickly as mates of mine also got the same response.
    I think the response was about a day after I sent the letter, so IT was probably called in to include a response retrospectively (to all the matching emails in the inbox as sell as new emails to come).
    Still, its the volume of recommendations that may make an impression (lets hope), as well as the calibre of the recommended candidate.

  4. Frank, I am deeply sorry for your loss. How blessed you are to have had a grandfather who knew and loved you so much! Grandparents are not only special but they a gift that many of us don't get the opportunity to experience. I would bet money that he played a role in your becoming the person of character that has enriched the lives of us as your viewers. Frank, from the looks of the picture, you were just as much of a gift as a grandson to him as he a grandfather to you. What a fatherly legacy he's left you! Always smile when you think of him because that what he did/does when he thought/thinks of you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So Sorry for your loss Frank, sending you some positive energy ,thank you for all your hard work making important info available to us!

  6. You are such a genuine person. So glad I found your channel.
    Sorry about your Grandfather.
    Don't forget about us X Girls on the t-shirts. As I learn I teach my kids. You truly are helping us live a richer life. Great opener. Nice job.

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