Will the All-New Toyota Hilux 2023-2024 look like this Tacoma?

All-New Toyota Hilux Revo 2023-2024 New Generation Toyota Hilux Revo Will it look like this Tacoma? Among the pickup trucks Currently sold in Thailand, the Toyota Hilux will be the last generation of pickup trucks. waiting for a completely new look That may have to wait until 2023 to 2024, while the Isuzu D-MAX has just launched the next-generation in about two years, followed by the Mazda BT-50 sharing platform, which D-MAX just recently. Launching a new upgraded version to the dank. a few days ago The main competitor in the global market, Ford Ranger is preparing to reveal a new generation. In the coming months, while the Mitsubishi Triton plans to launch an all-new all-new model in 2022, the MG Extender and Nissan Navara have recently received a facelift to boost the market. It is likely that a newer generation will be launched after the Triton that was developed on the same platform for about a year. That makes the Toyota Hilux in the 1-ton pickup market a model that is marketed on the same platform. longest time which seems The facelift to stimulate the past market is not good enough to be able to occupy the number 1 position in Thailand and from the latest situation, it may give Toyota Hilux a chance to lose the championship. that is not only in Thailand But also to the Australian market, where Hilux has monopoly No. 1 for 5 years in a row due to production problems. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the production capacity of both Hilux and Fortuner in November at Toyota’s factories in Thailand will be lower than expected. But expect the situation to improve. in december which affects the delivery of cars to customers especially in Australia Toyota is trying to compete with Ford Ranger who will be able to win the top-selling title this year, where the distance is only 3,240 units. In the first nine months of the year, Toyota sold 40,791 Hilux units, while Ford sold the Ranger. At 37,551 cars, it is considered very close this year. source of news illustrations https://tfltruck.com/2021/10/2023-toyota-tacoma-spied-ford-ranger/
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