Will Polkadot $DOT Outperform in 2022?

After a pretty underwhelming 2021, the big question for DOT investors is: Will Polkadot’s $DOT token outperform its peers in 2022? Well to answer that question we have to take a look at what they accomplished in 2021 and also what big milestones are coming up in 2022. Then I’ll analyze whether or not Polkadot DOT can outperform Ethereum ETH and share my potentially controversial verdict. I’ll also share some counterpoints to my concerns though to address both sides of the story!

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0:00 Intro / Plan of Attack
1:03 Rabbit Shout-out
1:46 2021 Recap
2:41 4 Upcoming Areas in 2022
5:32 Will DOT outperform?
6:12 2 Big Concerns
7:20 3 Counterpoints

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20 thoughts on “Will Polkadot $DOT Outperform in 2022?”

  1. Good points. BUT, remember EXECUTION matters and marketing departments can be bought cheaply. Take your time, invest your capital wisely within the project and BUILD IT ONCE. DOT is the Apple of crypto. Out of the blocks, probably not the best, BUT the momentum they're going to initiate by the second half of this year will become an unstoppable force. ETH best days are just ahead, but they're numbered. Liquidity is going to flee the broken ETH system and migrate to DOT and many others. DOT will be a top 5 chain, no doubt in my mind, just not big with the hot money crowd for now. Good luck to all.

  2. GamerDAO Finance is the best DeFi 2 project outside of OlympusDAO. Solid revenues backing the treasury, tailwinds in the booming crypto gaming mega-niche, and massive long term value if you believe the Metaverse is going to be a trillion dollar industry in by 2030. Imagine the APY gains by holding $100 worth for 10 years – it's a no brainer retirement fund.

  3. I like GamerDAO. Their mission of kickstarting 1 million gamer careers is really cool – ushering in a new era of work in the Metaverse….🔥

  4. Well you disappointed me bc i know that you're a smart guy and you know what's going on in this kingdom of Shitcoins where a very few people actually know what they buy and green numbers are the only reason of judgement. So, when you talk about Polkadot you have two choices, making a 2 hours video covering everything about what Polkadot brought in this Kingdom of Shitcoins or saying it simply.. Polkadot is a diamond out there!!

  5. 6:17

    No. It’s not that we aren’t passionate in the Polkadot community, it’s just that we arent like the Bonehead Moonboys that follow Vaporware like Cardano.

    People in Military are expected to do as told without an ounce of thought. Blind Sheep.
    That is exactly how the Cardano zealots invest and exactly why they are still holding that Scamcoin.

    I’m glad the Polkadot community isn’t one of those Hypetrain Armies.

  6. #Polkadot is the flagship project by Web3 Foundation, a Swiss Foundation founded to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web. The Web3 Foundation is partnering with best-in-class entities to build Polkadot and foster development of the services and applications that will run on it.

  7. I think it's unfair to bring up DOT's inflation without mentioning the staking rewards (above 10%).

    Besides, if we have a bullish year it's hardly a matter of if: DOT and most top 50 altcoins will outperform Ethereum.

  8. Sir! Can we have a DOT vs ATOM video as both are working on interoperability but as we know there will be only one winner! No use of same tech in blockchain

  9. You might need a little help in understanding Polkadot's value proposition. Parachains are super-optimized L1 chains for specific uses (Acala for Defi, Moonbeam for Eth compatibility, Phala for cloud computing, etc.) that can communicate with each other easily without the security compromises of typical bridges. If it goes well it will allow for dapps that will use many L1 blockchains at once to run a code much more optimally than elsewhere with complete decentralization. In 2022 and 2023 we'll see if it goes well or not, but in any case the lack of general knowledge about it and the lack of hype is a good thing for a future improvement in valuations.


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