What REALLY Happened to My Lamborghini Ducati Motorbike…

I can now reveal the full story…and there’s quite an exciting story behind my Lamborghini Ducati Motorbike!

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21 thoughts on “What REALLY Happened to My Lamborghini Ducati Motorbike…”

  1. This big jawwed Bri-ish fella, with a beanie on even when he's inside, is telling us stupid things about a bike he 'HAD'. What a cool start for the "supercars of London" on year 2022

  2. Massive congrats Paul.. you are a great lad and I'm sure your fiancΓ©e is a lovely person too.. wishing you happiness

  3. Congratulations 🍻 Paul and happy new year. A realy expensive bike 🏍 Turns into a crazy expensive ring πŸ’ Congratulations agin on all of it . It was something wondering what happened to it

  4. Congrats but could u not take out equity from the bike to fund your engagement ring? And keep the bike as it keeps appreciating?

  5. lol being a petrolhead and biker i never understand why people buy a car or bike without researching if they can afford to insure it first. Baffles me . Anyway congrats on engagement

  6. Oddly enough, I watched the promo videos for this bike, but I haven’t seen anyone really talk about it in the wild. Great video bru.

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