What *JUST* happened to Fantom ($FTM)

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28 thoughts on “What *JUST* happened to Fantom ($FTM)”

  1. Thanks again. Serious question here: Why are wekeends (Saturedays & Sundays) literary ALWAYS red days.
    I am seriously thinking about selling on friday and rebuying into mondays.

  2. Wouldn't you say weekends are usually bearish for a lot of crypto coins? Although the prediction from FTM saying we could be at $10 at the end of conference was irresponsible

  3. Ever since I made a conscious decision to hold Fantom my stress level completely dropped. If it spikes if it dips I'm no longer bothered. Best financial decision I've made in a long time.

    When it has a dip like it has right now I just sing the first line of Eric Clapton's "running on faith" over and over in my head!

    "Lately I've been running on faith, what else can a poor boy do?"

    Keeping the videos coming even on the weekend, awesome man!

  4. Can you speak slowly plz,because there are people following you who do not speak English well like me l?🥲 اللي فهم يفهمني وش السواة نمسك ولا نبيع داخله بهالعملة all in 😭

  5. Hi brother, I hope all is well thank you for the great video. I was an innocent victim that you mention who purchased more Fantom than I care to admit at $3.30. Do you think we will see Fantom pass $3.30 before end of December? I am kicking myself now that we are bleeding. Thank you

  6. According to EW theory, it can not go below 2.47. Whenever it hits, algo will start longing till wave 5 of 3 up in Nov

  7. You’re full of it. On Friday you we’re super bullish from the conference and the supposed‘rumours’ and BS Binance linkage.

    You talked up $10 by weekend’s end – be straight & not re-write history 👍

  8. Hey everyone, keep Joe Exotic’s crypto “Tiger King Coin” in mind.

    The freak show they call Tiger King season 1 had 64 million views and
    Tiger King season 2 will be released Nov 17

    Current market cap is still only $113 million
    Might be a good idea to get in while it’s still early

    Do Your Own Research of Course😉

  9. Agreed amazing how these dev conferences pump the price considering its a bunch of people talking, then the day after everything dumps, some major bs goes on.


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