What If You Invest $63 of Saitama Inu Right Now? When Will You Make $1 Million? (Math Facts)

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Saitama Inu Intro
01:43 Saitama Tokenomics
02:39 Can Saitama Hit 1 Penny?
05:54 Can You Make A Million Dollars From Saitama
07:18 Final Thoughts

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**I am not a financial adviser. Please do your own research before investing. Only invest what you are willing to lose.

I told myself that I wouldn’t make anymore videos about meme coins anymore but since so many of you guys are requesting it, here it goes. I’m just kidding, i’m making this video for the views. I just need more money. And I’m guessing you guys are the same. You guys are money hungry gamblers who don’t really care if Saitama has a use or not. You just want to make money. There’s only one true god and it’s this ($1)

So today i’ll be covering 2 main topics, can Saitama hit 1 penny and can you make a million dollars from Saitama Inu.

So if you guys didn’t know, Saitama Inu was named after the main character of One punch man, Saitama. However, the logo is of Watchdog man, a character of one punch man, and the coin is meant to promote financial education to the next generation.

Okay so first, let’s talk about the fundamentals of Saitama. It is currently at 0.000000073 with a circulating supply of 44 Quadrillion coins. It has a 2% burn for every transaction and a 2% redistribution to current holders. However, the burn wallet is also a holder, so the burn wallet would get more than 1% of the redistribution. So it started with 100 quadrillion, but it has burned over 55% of it, with 49% of it burned when it launched. This means it has burned about 15% in 5 months. I would also like to mention that it is easier to burn coins in the beginning since it is cheap and people can buy a lot of coins.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk. Can Saitama hit 1 cent? The short answer is highly unlikely. So if we go to my excel spreadsheet here

Final thoughts: Is Saitama a good buy? Honestly I don’t know. With Saitama being valued at over 3B dollars, it could well be the next Shiba Inu. Or it could be stuck at 3B. What Shiba Inu has that Saitama doesn’t have is Elon Musk. Even though Elon Musk supports Doge, Elon Musk inadvertently supports Shiba Inu cus his Dog and Doge is a shiba inu dog breed. I think in order for Saitama Inu to get to the next level, it needs either an iconic figure supporting it, or it needs a good product. Saitamask could be it, it looks promising, but I don’t know. I do know that one of the member is Crypto rocket, who has 58K subs, so at least they have some form of marketing. Overall, like most other cryptos Saitama Inu is a gamble, so be careful especially when it has gone up over 800% in the last 2 week. I would wait a little before jumping in.


37 thoughts on “What If You Invest $63 of Saitama Inu Right Now? When Will You Make $1 Million? (Math Facts)”

  1. You're literally buying a number typed in Microsoft word and expect everyone to follow your Microsoft word. Just live as normal humans, mass manufacture everything, a society where humans have value & blockchain is for accurate accounting bit no value attached. The more we help grow the other person the higher we go on society. Same as before but without telling others you cannot have food or mobile.

  2. yes bro but shiba done amazing in 1 year, why not saitama? we will see… even if i am a millionaire by 2030 i'll be perfectly happy with it haha

  3. I don't need it to hit a penny I just need it to kill a couple zeros to get me some thousands in profit to invest in real projects.

  4. saitama is a nightmare for months and they are cheating a lot when does it stop we keep on going down like crazy i think i put all my sitama in another anime coin with better and trustful plans Luffy is way better

  5. So your God is your money.. How amazing your life is created for a money.. Be careful what you talking in your mouth.. Do not use the name of the God..

  6. If Saitama will hit a penny in 30 years then I will encourage the youth in their teens and twentys to buy just $63 and hold for the retirement in their 40 to 50 years old 😉 1 cent u don't need to worry about money


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