We Were Lied To About Ethereum 2.0

There are some MASSIVE misconceptions floating around about Ethereum 2.0 or rather it’s set of upgrades coming this year and the following years. So I wanted to make this video to set the record straight on some important points. Like I said, if this video was NOT helpful and you did NOT learn anything new then let me know in the comments below and I’ll personally apologize to you…

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Misconception 1
1:16 Misconception 2
2:30 Misconception 3
4:11 Misconception 4
5:07 Misconception 5
6:01 Misconception 6
6:52 Misconception 7
8:18 Misconception 8
8:53 I still love ETH

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23 thoughts on “We Were Lied To About Ethereum 2.0”

  1. any comments on beta finance which was launched through binance launchpad and since lauch has decreased 90% in terms of price is there any merit in holding it please clerify

  2. This was totally awesome and I learned a lot, this is after watching the lengthy ETH 2.0 review that was dropped yesterday. Thanks for simplifying this.

  3. It’s so weird because only today I was just thinking to myself wether the ceo of ethereum is apart of the Illuminati. My boy sure does look like it lol.

  4. Los ricos siguen siendo ricos gastando como los pobres e invirtiendo sin parar, los pobres siguen siendo pobres gastando como los ricos pero sin invertir como los ricos.

  5. Pulsechain is launching within the next few months… with its own dex. Forking eth to proof of stake. Gas fees… pennies. All erc20s copied and airdropped if held in your Metamask Wallet. Bridge from Eth going live after one or two days following launch. They're in testnet 2.0 right now running beautifully. This is all happening right now. If it take years for Eth to rollup they're gonna get smoked.


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