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32 thoughts on “WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT FTM TIKTOK – Trans Guy Reacts”

  1. Don't do any vocal deepening "hacks" the only thing they'll "hack" is hack apart your vocal chords. Anything that works in a couple minutes and goes away after is something that will INJURE YOU. The correct method is choir/theatre warmups that gently and gradually stretch your range out one half step at a time. AND it's free.

  2. I'm intrigued by the Native deodorant but kinda put off by the name. Something about it seems really "noble savage-y" to me with the whole "we're super in tune with nature" aspect and the word "native" not really applying to… anything about the product.

  3. You know I think anyone who's in the lgbtq Community would make a good actor cuz we've all had to pretend to be cishet at one point

  4. Actually I have bad acting skills and sucked at playing a girl in my childhood which is kinda how me and everyone else realised I was trans.

  5. It's me your favourite shirtless tiktokstar cut to me fucking cackling that cut got me ty

    Also that sponsor I'd the only I will watch. My god, as a 26 year old I'm, I-, I had to pause to crumple into a ball like aluminum foil at the Doja cat ref.

  6. You will never be the 1st guy or any sort of guy to anything. You are still a woman. Just a silly one pretending to be a dude. Ps nothing you do with men will ever be gay, you are a Hetty Betty!

  7. people keep telling me that I'm not trans cause I don't wanna starts T, I still want top surgery and do voice therapy, I just don't wanna start T, but like- i'm still trans

  8. When I was about 14 you did a live and responded to a comment of mine where I asked for advice about my transphobic family. That was the first time I’d ever had someone who was open and accepting even acknowledge my existence much less give me advice. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. Truly, thank you..

  9. i don't think that acting sexy is cringe. we don't have to pretend we don't think we are hot, or disowav bloody everything with a joke. i thought that thirst traps were pretty routine occurrence this days (maybe it's just mine for you page), and was actually glad about it – and not just for horny reasons, but also because of sex positive reasons, which is actually bloody important (to me)

  10. I’m afab nonbinary and I gotta say I still use women’s restrooms because they’re substantially cleaner and I’m kind of a germaphobe so it overrides dysphoria because to me it’s just “the cleaner of two options”

  11. It's possible that people with rly deep voices talk a little higher usually than they are capable of and the low soft vocalizing combined with the lil bumps from the heel slaps help the voice to relax a little more. Remember, someone who grew up with a higher steady amount of T in their system will have been exposed to it longer and T works over years as well as weeks and months, hence the reason even many cis women eventually develope wiry facial hair and many of their voices deepen as they get older too. I wonder if doing the lil exersize on a regular basis and working on relaxing your vocal cords could help speed up the deepening process. Your voice did sound more relaxed, not like your tone was more laid back, but your vocal cords were longer/ more relaxed.

  12. All I see is weak women who can't accept being a lesbian or who haven't healed from trauma, when I see trans identifying females. Sad.

  13. So sad to see horrific mastectomy scars… I had breast cancer surgery and reconstructive surgery and if it had come out looking that bad I would have sued my doctor. Sick to applaud such horrible work.


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