Want to know where crypto is going? Follow the developers! #AVAX #FTM #ADA #SOL #LUNA #NEAR

#Crypto #Layer1s #FollowTheDevelopers #DeveloperGrowth #L1s
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Follow the Developers Follow the Money L1 Update
0:00 Intro
0:30 Weak Day – with 2 Greens

1:00 Some History
How Developer Front Run Stock Gains
2:00 “Want to know where crypto is going? Follow the developers” – Slow Ventures general partner Sam Lessin

3:00 Chains Compared

5:00 Conclusion: EVM is Everywhere

EVM is everywhere and runs most L1s – the Solidity language is used.

6:00 Sharding is key to ETH 2.0 Success. Will it impact EVM?

7:00 Is Sharding is Bad? Answer from SBF

8:00 Sharding Weakness

9:00 Is Rust is an ideal smart contract language?

It is type safe
Memory safe
Free of undefined behaviors.
It generates small binaries because it doesn’t include extra bloat, like a garbage collector, and advanced optimizations and tree shaking remove dead code.
Languages: Why Rust is Good

10:00 Rust most Beloved Language ∴ attracts Devs

11:00 Top Developers Chase Max Impact

12:00 Top Developer Growth – SOLANA
Amazing report from ELECTRIC CAPITAL.

13:00 Top Developer Growth – The Also Rans

13:30 Top Developer Growth – The Smaller Shops
The smaller shops – AVAX ALGO ICP TERRA FANTOM all had impressive growth 4x ing devs

14:00 Emerging Ecosystems excl ETH SOL ATOM DOT BTC
The emerging Ecosystms excluding ETH DOT COSMOS SOL and BTC – The big stand out here is NEAR protocol – while all others are flat lining

15:00 AVAX Transactions Munching on ETH

16:00 TVL is key to Watch – Huge Changes

16:30 Correlation between $SOL and TVL

17:00 Binance is Collateralizing As Much as they Can!


48 thoughts on “Want to know where crypto is going? Follow the developers! #AVAX #FTM #ADA #SOL #LUNA #NEAR”

  1. I have no doubt that cryptography is moving in the right direction and will be increasingly introduced into our lives. The recognition of Tether and Bitcoin as the official cryptocurrency marked the beginning of the cryptocurrency movement.

  2. Beyond the actual language, what you should notice is the draw of smart contracts that can be compiled to Web Assembly. It’s similar to developing to containers in the web world. The chain itself should be an abstraction. As multiple chains support the same format of Web Assembly, writing for one chain will allow deploying to many

  3. Enjoy your videos. You well research the subject matter, shoot from the hip and there's no gloss. Look forward seeing you on Ben Cowen's channel next week.

  4. James you didn't show the eth slides from the report?

    Retaining more devs, and attracting 20% of all devs. Also having the most devs still, so many they are off the charts.

    Also the slides from the report on the whole crypto market were good.

  5. You did not mention the best that is Matic that is the winer of them all during the times that all the rest were bliding it was in green & will be the winer for long time but seems that you hold more Sol,Ftm,luna etc so makes sense u advertise where your money is 😆

  6. James, do you think there is room for both Solana and Fantom to succeed? Don’t they compete directly? If so, shouldn’t you/we choose a winning horse?

  7. James, I’d like to know your perspective on the idea of the “Coinbase Effect”, which the other James(James Altucher) is using as a strong factor for predicting parabolic price increases. The Coinbase Effect being the impact on price when Coinbase adopts a new crypto. Thanks so much for what you offer. Glad I converted some ADA to SOL in November. Peace.

  8. Backend Developer here who pretty much worked his whole career in Capps if you will and would like to get his feet wet in the blockchain world. I reckon tho it might not be simple moving from the centralised world to a decentralised one even tho blockchain is simply a function of distributed systems + cryptography .

    Maybe this could be a good topic to dig deeper with CTO Larsson? I bet many of my fellow developers wouldn't mind start dabbling in the blockchain world but like me they don't have a good enough high level vision to get started. I guess we can all agree the more brain power we can attract to the space the better off we will be in the future! Cheers

    PS: I've played a bit with RUST and boy oh boy that looks neat. Maybe that will be a good place for me to start, as a Java/Kotlin/Python/Go developer.

  9. Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity
    Imagine investing and receiving $9,500 weekly profits
    Stella investment is the best

  10. First, in terms of total developers, Polkadot did not see as much growth as Solana but that is because it started out the year with a large number of developers. With 1,400 developers at the end of 2021, DOT is second only to Ethereum in total numbers. It also has over 500 full time developers which is double Solana's.

    Second, Polkadot also uses Rust as its primary programming language. Web Assembly is to allow for other languages to be used should the project so wish to use another, therefore making it perhaps the best solution from a developer standpoint, since devs will be able to write in whatever language they please.

    Third, Solana's TPS is greatly inflated due to there being no clear definition of what a 'transaction' is. Many analysts are saying that if one examines the actual number of user transactions that crashed the Solana network recently, it was something more like 350 TPS or less.

  11. James need you desperate help.. I'm an ardent follower. Somehow ended up giving away my wallet secret phrase. Can you help trace back the wallet.

  12. After nearly 40 years in the software development industry …. Rust simply no. Language for script kiddies (and what major projects are even using Rust, and major I mean operating system scale projects ). I think I have said it before on some other channel, look at the Tobie 100 index for actual programming languages used in industry and Rust is not even in the top 20, even Pascal is ahead of it and that is considered a dead programming language today lol lol. Don't even get me started on Haskell (Cardano).

  13. You literally ignored your own video title. Follow the developers. Yet on the most important slide, number of developers, you excluded ETH, which has far and away most number of developers at 4000+. Could not believe the bias baked into your "research"

  14. you have atom in the title and in the video clip description yet you dont talk about it? wtf? you like wasting peoples time?

  15. Whilst the numbers are interesting, is there any way of tracking the quality of developers?
    We could potentially find out Solana has 4x numbers but have hired a bunch of chumps that actually ruin their proposition whilst other names have barely shifted numbers but haven't needed to because they've attracted one or more superstars which will take their platform to another level?
    For sure an interesting angle to look at things though!

  16. Solid thank you 🙏🏼. Question- why does zKsnark do for Ethereum that Polygon doesn’t do? And why isn’t Polygon a long term solution to Eth’s scalability and G’s fee problems?

  17. The representation of Cardano only being able to perform at 7 transactions while currently is technically accurate is really deceptive considering Hydra is around the corner, and is the planned solution for scaling. Unlike Ethereum it's not a fixit patch, it has been in the roadmap since the beginning.

  18. Thank you. I was trying to find information earlier today where the developers are and where they are going. I didn’t know where to look. You showed me what I was looking for.

  19. You say single chain architecture is more the future than multichain architecture. What is wrong with Ethereum with Polygon?


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