11 thoughts on “Unveiled | 2022 Toyota Hilux India Launch #Hilux #ARicherLife”

  1. Whats this stupid trend .. A launch is when a vehicel is launched with price and ready is ready to buy.prices will be reveiled in march,This isnt a launch, this is just an announcement… Do Toyota really think people are morons and wouldn’t know that its not a launch?
    Whats next ? Toyota Land Cruiser launched in india, prices will be announced in 10years and deliveries will begin in 15years.

  2. No 1, 4WD Drive SUV in India
    Camping, onroad, offroad, Turing and travelling all over India.
    Leh,himachal ,Lahol, spiti, uttaranchal, North east,
    But high prices.
    36 lace on Road price.

  3. Long waited for hilux against isuzu only to see this price confusion now, so ,vcross automatic won't be a worse option….

  4. Toyota thinks that indians are brand lovers,so it keeps its prices at a very high level as much as possible.
    I pray to tata and. Mahindra they should manufacture such vehicles which are trust worthy and value for money.


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