Unimoon – The First Social Media Protocol | New 100x Project!!💀

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24 thoughts on “Unimoon – The First Social Media Protocol | New 100x Project!!💀”

  1. Owner Dale told someone I’m speaking to if they invest $100k in Unimoon they would make $100b in 3-4 years lmao. If that was true then owner Dale would be the richest person on the planet and a trillionaire lmao 🤣

  2. Wow. Just got banned from the TG group by Saya, just because i asked politely if Unimoon was an established company (LLC)? And why no whitepaper yet since the public sale was happening in a week. Then She commanded a whitepaper but i noticed the link was still Litepaper. So i said “this is litepaper not white paper”. And BAM. Was banned. This is how Unimoon treats their community, and ive bee in their Tg group for quite a while now.


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