Toyota’s 7 Next-Gen Electric Cars and Flying Car on sale in 2022-24

Representing New Electric Cars from Toyota that will be made to meet the needs of most demanding customers.
Toyota is even interested in making flying cars and has signed an agreement with Joby Aviation to share its expertise in manufacturing, quality and cost controls and provided financial support to soon launch a viable eVTOL with Toyota’s DNA.
The company will also produce special autonomous vehicles for its future city.

0:00 intro
0:45 BZ4X
2:54 Lexus RZ 450e (LFZ)
4:48 Electric Aircraft and Flying Car
6:37 Future City and Autonomous Vehicles
7:43 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles


36 thoughts on “Toyota’s 7 Next-Gen Electric Cars and Flying Car on sale in 2022-24”

  1. Unfortunately for Toyota if you've seen the Snowden movie(survallence and tech secrets runs deep) , any foreign car or tech company (huawei ,Sony etc will never I repeat, will never reach full market capitalization to match American or Euro companies no matter how innovative . This is just how it work as the USA and the dollar is empire ! and will always manipulate the market in it's favor .Japan is still a vassel to the US .Shamefully dependent on exports to the very end of it's stagnating current situation. Look at the trillion dollar companies they all have nothing special or innovative to offer except brand marketing and selling your data ,and so look at the investors pouring their savings into these trillion dollar casino companies Microsoft google Facebook Tesla amazon Apple . Nothing special but massive marketing data capture and marketing rense repeat.

  2. I really hope they stay away from the electric door Handel as someone who lives where it is cold and snowy 6 months out of the year would prefer not to have to deal with froze up handles.

  3. Tesla just published its fourth-quarter vehicle production and deliveries report for 2021, and it handily beat analysts’ expectations.
    Tesla deliveries amounted to 308,600 electric cars in the fourth quarter and full-year deliveries amounted to 936,172 vehicles.
    According to a consensus compiled by FactSet, Wall Street analysts had anticipated Tesla deliveries of 267,000 in the fourth quarter and 897,000 for all of 2021.
    Toyota and Damlier invested in Tesla early on, maybe Tesla will be kind and buy both Toyota and Damlier!

  4. Tesla stock, TSLA is up to 7% in pre opening bell trading, thanks to it crushing the professional estimates for deliveries of Real EVs, as opposed to vaporware EV cars like Toyota didn’t delivered!

  5. Hate the way cars are going ,I know it is progress and the future ,but advertising with many cars is about speed acceleration, panders to the boy racer, the speed limits in the world are much like the uk ,motorway 70 ,why we making cars that can do massively in excess of this ,all the high end electronics all unnecessary as if everyone drove within the law and courteous with due care and attention there would be no need of it .what would be better if the tec took a breath test for alcohol and drugs this would cut the death rate and the car won't start till you test negative…And the design of some of these cars ,not for me.,the new vauxhall Mokka just looks stupid compared to the previous model .many car designs.lack style all bling .and speed in part of advertising there are millions of animals killed every year ,find tec that could save them ,at least speed would be instant death.Flying cars would save lives but how would that work ,billions of cars flying in the sky, all crazy ,I suppose it would be a rich man's toy.

  6. Hmm, .. I am no rocket scientist but Toyota should put ME on their Executive Advisory Team. Here is my idea (which is really in everybody's mind anyway): Convert the Toyota Tacoma completely into electric. THERE … !! THEN the company will skyrocket its stockmarket shares into the stratosphere. Why bother making a prototype VTOL airplane car anyway ? THAT is just f***g dumb.

  7. It’s as if making the cars into EV’s the design teams for Toyota and Kia etc have finally woken up and decided to actually put effort into something

  8. Toyota is leading global vaporware to new heights.
    The MG5 long-range, my current ride, here in the uk, is faster, cheaper and longer ranging than your first offering here, which who knows when it will come.
    The solid state battery has not been shared for inspection, leading us to wonder if it is real.

  9. These car reviews are often made with speakers using units from the dark ages such as miles, feet and inches. It is up to the viewer to calculate what does this mean in the units of today. Very irritating.

  10. Hahaha … very funny
    hellooo this is bullshit…hydrogen has been cancelled by everyone including Toyota, solid state batteries are 6 to 8 years away for a working prototype , then you'll need the mass production and more years to bring the price down, and to finish Toyota only announced going full on EVS 2 or 3 months ago !!!??… they are to late , they will need at least 8 years to develop batteries and electric motors technology , now they will have to buy from others like BYD or TESLA , so their cars will be to expensive to build or the will sell it at a loss , this EV race will be over by 2028 , the 300 Chinese EV car companies will bankcorrupt the old legacy Auto , let's see who will survive and became the Nokia of the old OEMs ….
    Toyota just came to late and all their money/billions/investment are on hybrids cars , only now Toyota realised that there is no way back from EVs ,so they decided to talk the talk on evs and blablabla… to late… they should have stood and kept the partnership they had with tesla in 2010 , but nooo… they decided to go on a different path.. so now they are fucked…

  11. I love the BZ4 X but as with nearly all the current electric cars on the market the price needs to put it into the working class mans range of affordability. $40,000+ cars are for the privileged. .


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