Toyota Veloz 2021 | ROADTRIP – PART 1 Feat. Om Mobi & Ridwan Hanif | OtoDriver

This time, we invite you to feel the impression of this Toyota flagship MPV heading to Malang, East Java. And on this trip we were not alone, because we were accompanied by Om Mobi from Motomobi TV and Ridwan Hanif from Autonetmagz. Watch this video to see what happened during the trip! To watch part 2 and part 3, click on the link below: PART 2:

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41 thoughts on “Toyota Veloz 2021 | ROADTRIP – PART 1 Feat. Om Mobi & Ridwan Hanif | OtoDriver”

  1. Tonton sampai akhir video karena akan ada kejutan bagaimana Ridwan bisa kembali bergabung dengan bantuan warga lokal tanpa diketahui Fitra Eri dan Om Mobi

  2. Hehehe om Fitra,om mobi,om Ridwan,kpan kpan touring ke Sulawesi dong bareng otodriver hehehe cobain jalan di Sulawesi

  3. Sy udh pakai nih Veloz 1,5 bln… Sumpah enak banget. Fitur TSS sgt membantu, smua fiturnya udh sy rasain. Keren bangeeet deh…

  4. TRIO Viewer Om Fitra , Om Mobi dan Mas Ridwa, mantap , kapan road trip pakai INNOVA baik diesel dan bensin untuk membuktikan kehandalan dan kenyamananya, ditunggu ya

  5. Kang pas di tanjakan cipendeuy malangbong nya itu kuat ga 7 seat full trs macet pas di tanjakan, standing start nya kuat ga ini veloz?


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