Toyota RAV4 Cruiser Hybrid Review | Wheels Australia

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular cars in Australia, and its hybrid versions are particularly hot property. Chris finds out just why the RAV4 is so loved, and whether the Cruiser Hybrid is worth your cash.

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34 thoughts on “Toyota RAV4 Cruiser Hybrid Review | Wheels Australia”

  1. Only if had a manual transmission I'll get one otherwise no deal for me, I'll stick to the 2010 version with 5 speed manual, more power and acceleration then a boring automatic hahahhaa

  2. Are the digital speed digits easy to read at top of display?
    Is the RAV 4 as quiet as the new 2021 Camry?

  3. I took delivery of my Cruiser Hybrid AWD in the Atomic Rush colour scheme a week after this video (ordered before Christmas 2020, so about a 4 month wait) and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
    I added all the bells and whistles that i could – side-steps, tow bar, budge bar, weather shields, bonnet and headlamp protectors, all-weather mats (dealer threw in the carpet mats).

    Of course I paid a premium for all the extras, but it was and is worth every cent for the next 5+ years

  4. Just ordered my AWD Hybrid Cruiser today so I’m very excited. Test drove the Edge as well and it doesn’t drive nearly as well as the Hybrid. The Edge felt “Heavier”, sluggish and not as smooth as the Hybrid. It was also a lot louder in the cabin. The nudge bar is also not compatible with the Edge which I found strange but I assume it has something to do with the Edge’s different front bumper. Ordered mine in black with a tow bar, nudge bar, side steps, rubber cargo mat and rubber floor mats. Set me back just over $53k drive away.

  5. Picked up my 2021 RAV4 AWD Cruiser hybrid today. What a dream to drive. I’m stepping up from a 2017 C-HR, so it is super roomy in comparison. It was a LOOOOOOONG 4.5 month wait, but so worth it. 🥰

  6. 'CVT' automatic has a hugh disadvantage when it comes to instant change in driving conditions like up 'Wollongong hills', will hear gear box raving so hard. I believe 'Sport Automatic' a better gear box.
    Probably the only disadvantage CVT gear box has when compare with a normal auto gear box. I'd also like to point out CVT gear box also lacks of power in 'cold driving condition', that at least has been for my CVT vehicle anyway.

  7. I am not sure how Toyota decides which country will get what options, for example, here in the UK the Plug-in Hybrid doesn't come with a 360 parking camera and Digital Rearview mirror, not even available as an optional, AND the top trim costs more than other countries and missing all those goodies.

  8. U left lot bot so good things out
    Strange that
    Like honestly but u avoided recalls due fuel tanks & lot more you selling the car l watched it for all of its good bad ugly how on earth would hybrid cost more in service says owner of MANY hybrid cars

  9. Great for soccer mums as far as space & drive train goes. If you want real comfort more features handling & pace get a SL camry hybrid for 50k
    Camry has far superior road manners with the same output.. The rav4 hybrid is a great SUV but that's all it is, the camry kills it on twisty bits as the rav tips rolls & scrubs those tyres. The rav of course kills camry off road, but I don't think most will see more than a dirt driveway. I hope the latest rav has finally passed the moose test which it failed so badly.

  10. So top of the range and the passenger seat is – manually adjustable????wtf
    ,,,ough wow it has a reversing camera 😴,really what modern car doesn't have a reversing camera. Nothing new on this review,


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