Toyota Mirai review: the hydrogen car that ‘urinates’ 😂

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This is the Toyota Mirai!

Mat’s got his hands on the latest version of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered saloon to see if it’s really worth considering over the best-in-class petrol, diesel & EV powered competitors out there!

To kick things off, there’s no denying that the latest generation looks much better than its predecessor. The eagle-eyed viewers out there will notice similarities with the LS upfront… And it’s no surprise, given it’s based on the same platform! Anyone who splashes out on the range-topper will also be treated to some gorgeous alloy wheels.

So it looks good, but don’t expect the Mirai to go breaking any performance records anytime soon! The hydrogen fuel cell powers an electric motor to deliver 182hp & 300Nm of torque.

So it’s not exactly sluggish, but when you consider prices start from £50,000, that’s not that far off the price of a Tesla Model 3 Performance! So does this new Toyota offer enough to turn you away from the EV class-leading Model 3?! You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:45 Fuel Cell & Motor
01:34 Exterior Design
02:33 Price
03:18 Interior
05:10 Back Seats
06:40 Boot
07:27 Five Annoying Things
10:09 Five Good Things
11:43 Driving
14:01 0-60mph
14:39 Verdict

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36 thoughts on “Toyota Mirai review: the hydrogen car that ‘urinates’ 😂”

  1. Why do a fuel cell ? A normal engine can run on hydrogen and drive the rear wheels. The fuel cell and electric stuff are expensive.

  2. Looks like a pretty nice car to me the latest car I drove was the 1993 model Pontiac I'm older and haven't had a license for years I really don't see why we should have so many gadgets anyway these new cars today when I ride in them with friends they are amazing already

  3. Don't put again the stupid remark comparizon with cost per recharge/refuell vs petrol, this can only be "greener" not cheaper.

  4. I can't help but feel that once the infrastructure for hydrogen fuel stations gains pace, it will plough past the current plugin EV's. This mimics what we currently have, which works well. I can't see how you would want to sit for 30-60 mins charging a vehicle that only gives you half of what this could give you in 10mins..

  5. Let’s say it again, battery electric vehicles are a stopgap “until fuel cell vehicles take hold.”
    And fuel cell vehicles will take hold precisely because oil companies can support them with their existing business model — the same one they now use to support gasoline and diesel filling stations. Those who prefer only battery cars should reflect on this and on the words of Angela Needle:
    “Efficiency is not the only value driver for a working energy system, you’ve got to look at resilience – is the energy always there when we need it? We’ve got to look at consumer behavior and needs – the cost of disruption of getting everybody to install an electric solution over hydrogen. Is it worth it and does it get us [to net zero] at the pace we need?”

  6. Why would I want to power my car with someone else's expensive hydrogen instead of with electricity made by the solar panels on my own roof?

  7. The only reason for the existence of hydrogen in cars is the traditional model: oil companies, transportation of fuel thru boats or trucks, and existence of final gas stations… all these middlemen, they just cannot exist in the new era of electric cars.. So they invented hydrogen powered cars! To keep you paying again: production plants (instead of producing gasoline, now it is hydrogen), transportation of this hydrogen, gas stations (now selling hydrogen) so that you will never be free from them.. But unfortunately for them, people have chosen freedom from all these, the freedom that you can plug a cable wherever you want, and no one can control you or your car consumption. For over a hundred years they are squeezing us out of our cash, making them ultra rich without limits. I cannot wait to see all these sharks going bankrupt, or changing their ways into more ethical business ways. Another fairy tale they are trying to push, is mostly through germans, and the scam of synthetic fossil fuel… Again to keep production plants, transportation, and final selling points alive.. bye, bye losers!!!

  8. いつも思うのだが、西洋人はなんでドリンクホルダーを異様に欲しがるのかね…。何リットルも車内で飲みたいのかな。1本置ければいいと思うのだが。

  9. You could buy three Camry's for the same money, just saying. Tiny boot and hardly any ground clearance, no thanks. Just as expensive to run as petrol, hardly any refilling stations, it keeps getting worse.

  10. The clear main benefit of this car vs electric is the range and also the time it takes to refuel. Much faster refuel time vs electric. Also it is a better solution to reduce vehicle emissions and vehicle pollution from driving. Actually cleaning the air and water as it drives. More hydrogen refuel stations should come with time just as the electric stations came before them.

  11. Water is still a better byproduct than Co², I'd rather walk on a wet driveway rather than suffocating. It's not too bad, I mean it doesn't create a river.

  12. I like this car. If I was to loose my daily drive I would have one but not at 65k and no proper hand brake and I hate the 'stereo' in modern cars (infotainment is a stupid word) I hate the hateful stupid touch screen rubbish too. Sadly no hydrogen filling stations in the south west.


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