Toyota Manufacturing Behind The Scenes & Production Plant Tour | Toyota

In honor of National Manufacturing Day 2021 in the United States, we highlight the Toyota Manufacturing and Production Process from 8 of its U.S. based manufacturing facilities. Check out our latest videos:

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0:00 Welcome to Toyota’s World of Advanced Manufacturing How Toyota came to the US
1:08 Toyota Kentucky
2:08 Toyota Indiana
3:14 Toyota Mississippi
4:10 Toyota Texas
5:25 Toyota Missouri
6:30 Toyota Tennessee
7:02 Toyota West Virginia
7:49 Toyota Alabama
8:14 Engine Drop
9:09 New Vehicles are Born

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Let’s celebrate #ManufacturingDay with this highlight of the Toyota manufacturing process across our 8 facilities in the U.S.


25 thoughts on “Toyota Manufacturing Behind The Scenes & Production Plant Tour | Toyota”

  1. All Toyota family here. 1989 Toyota Extra 4×4 pickup, 2003 Lexus IS300, 2019 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid, and Lexus RX450hL. Great products! Thank you Toyota!!!

  2. So if there are all of these factories around the country why did I have to pay extra to have my 4runner shipped from Japan?

  3. Placed my order for a new tacoma can't wait for it to get here. One thing i must say in this technological age you can track a $15 pizza but not a $45k truck.

  4. Can I drive 2022 XLE Sienna in manual mode? Using the eCVT 6 speed shift gears? I used to drive Avalon that way to get more torque power and drive up the high hills. I heard my Sienna will ship by the end of this year. My first Hybrid car.

  5. I've worked for Mazda and currently work for Honda. Yet, I own a 2011 4RUNNER and a 2018 Camry. I owned a 1998 4RUNNER and 2007 Camry before these two fine vehicles. I will replace these when they have been driven a few hundred thousand miles with Toyota's. Best built vehicles on the road.


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