Toyota LAND CRUISER 2022 Indonesia

Toyota’s SUV is very well known, both in Indonesia and in the world. We know cars like the Toyota Fortuner which is a dream in Indonesia, but there is also the Toyota Land Cruiser as a true big SUV which is a symbol of walking status with the identity of being the most powerful car in the world. Today, Toyota Indonesia introduced two new SUVs, namely the Toyota Fortuner with a large 2,800 cc engine and the Toyota Land Cruiser 300, aka the latest generation Land Cruiser. The Toyota Fortuner with a 1GD turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 2,800 cc is said to be more fierce than we already know, but the All New Toyota Land Cruiser is now more interesting. Sold in VX-R and GR Sport variants, the new Toyota Land Cruiser now sports a new twin-turbo V6 engine with a 10-speed transmission, 4WD drive and special off-road features that support its big, macho and dashing build. What do these two cars look like? Check out the explanation from reviewer AutonetMagz @Grady Ewaldo – Gray-D below. For collaboration or business purposes, please contact via the following email: [email protected] Information about new motorbikes & cars, visit, follow and like: –
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42 thoughts on “Toyota LAND CRUISER 2022 Indonesia”

  1. Kira" LAND CRUISER ini sama BWM X7 / MERCY GLS450 msh ajib yg mana/ fitur paling lengkap yg mana min? Soale sama" Mobil 2.3m an😁

  2. Sebagai user fortuner generasi sebelumnya saya bersyukur karena desainnya masih kepake sampe 5 tahun mendatang, jadi tidak perlu upgrade

  3. 2.3 M :
    1. Rubicon
    2. Mercy Gls 450 +300 jt
    3. Alphard + Palisade + Veloz

    2.3 M untuk beli historical sgt tdk worth it, nih mobil klo dibawa ke kampung gue dikira fortuner

  4. Walah fortuner yg 2.8, interiornya masih tdk ada perubahan, sementara adik2nya bentuk dashboard sdh futuristic dan full digital mid display, handbreak jg msh model tuas. Upgread dong toyota interiornya 🙏.

  5. Hrga lbih 2 milyar model kyak mobil standar ja tak ada istimewanya..
    Gian mirip skli kyak fortuner..
    ..dri pada beli itu mahal2 lbih baik beli fortuner dapt 5 unit .
    .model sama ja..


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