Toyota HOLDS Global Production! (again)

Toyota HOLDS Global Production! (again)

If you’re talking about automobile manufacturers, there’s just one top dog and the largest manufacturer in the sector, and that’s Toyota Motor Corporation. Being at the top, however, does not imply that you are immune to the problems that plague the sector, as we can see with Toyota’s case. Because of the pandemic and worldwide shortage of automotive microchips, Toyota has decreased worldwide production for the third time. The impact, however, will be less severe than before, while the Biggest automaker is finally seeing signs of recovery on the horizon. In today’s video, we’ll talk about how a components scarcity forced Toyota to reevaluate their yearly objective for the third time, after it was previously revised due to the Pandemic and the Chip supply shortage.

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4 thoughts on “Toyota HOLDS Global Production! (again)”

  1. If they don't change to electric vehicles, they are 100% going to be left behind!! Toyota has and is still not taking EV seriously enough. If they don't start converting to EV they will go the way of the dinosaur's

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  3. @New vehicle media , are you saying that Toyota can delay production so Lucid also can delay production !! Hello pls wake up !!! Lucid has been delay many time !!!!! Don’t find excuse for delay . Will SHORT lucid big time !!! 😜🤪🤪🤪


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