Toyota Hilux India: CONFIRMED Details | Launch, Price, Features and More!

In this video, we take a quick look at Toyota’s upcoming pickup truck — the Hilux. Based on the same platform as the Fortuner, the Hilux is offered in India with a single 2.8-litre diesel engine. 4×4 is offered as standard, and you can choose between a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions.

Creature comforts include dual-zone climate control, powered driver’s seat, cruise control and a chilled glovebox.

Toyota Hilux price in India will be announced in March 2022. We expect it to be between Rs 30-35 lakh (ex-showroom).


29 thoughts on “Toyota Hilux India: CONFIRMED Details | Launch, Price, Features and More!”

  1. First toyota flop in india…(.toyota still don't know indian consumer taste ….
    Indians never paid for 30+ lakh for pick up even it is toyota or benz…
    Only farm house owner ,or estate owner purchase

  2. Over priced. May attract brand seeking buyers.
    But its better to go for other competitors in the upcoming market, which inturn will be value fir money.

  3. Its a crap vehicle when compared to ford ranger.. I would definitely buy it if its top model is at 30 lakh on road.. Otherwise upcoming hyundai tucson is the best buy for me

  4. Toyota, the most reliable company in the world. For customers safety Toyota should include 360 degree camera and blind spot monitoring in Hilux which is going to create a new category in Indian automotive sector!!
    Do you agree?

  5. Toyota should also launch the V6 petrol and 2.7 petrol of Hilux with 4wd standard with both manual and automatic transmission.


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