Toyota GR 86 in test (2022) The NEW GT 86 is that good! Driving report | Reviews | drift | Gazoo Racing

Here you can find ALL information about the (2022) Toyota GR 86! If you’re interested in our review | review | Driving report | Acceleration | POV | drift | range – for the entry-level model at Gazoo Racing, then: Take a look now! 🖤 ​​—————————————————— 0:00 Intro 0:40 Review 1:00 History 1:50 Design 4:30 Trunk 5:00 Back seat 5:30 Engine 6.30 Interior 10 :00 Driving report 12:50 Conclusion 13:00 Toyota GR 86 price in bullet points: #Toyotagr86 #toyotagt86 #gazooracing – bad news: GT 86 is being discontinued – good news: the GR 86 is being introduced! – GT 86 has been around since 2012 – Sports coupe – From early December 2021 – Third standalone model from Toyota Gazoo Racing – Limited to 2 years – Analogue car for the digital age – One of the lightest four-seater sports cars on the market – With the name change to GR in line the 86 between the Yaris and the Supra has a front: – tighter, low-slung look – LED headlights – radiator grille has honeycomb pattern that is reserved for Ghazoo Racing – different bumper that is better for aerodynamics Side: – 4.26 m long – 1.77 m wide – 1.31 cm high (- 1cm lower) – 2.58 cm wheelbase (0.5 longer) – Further lowering of the vehicle’s center of gravity by 1.6 cm – Lowering of the driver’s seat (0.5 cm) – Weight optimization: – More aluminum in the body (roof paneling, front fenders and bonnet) – New front seats – Approximately the same weight as the GT86, although many assistance systems have been added – Almost ideal face distribution: 53:47 (front axle:rear axle) – 60% higher lateral stiffness – 50% higher overall torsional stiffness – Suspension adjustment – Front: McPherson struts, Rear on the axle double wishbones – Torsen limited slip differential – Front brake: 294 mm – Front engine with rear wheel drive – Large side skirts – Large fenders – 17 inch series, 18 optional rear: – license plate moves down – trunk lid was pressed into a tear-off edge – 1,275 kg – 1,315 kg – 226 liter trunk engine: – displacement was increased from 2 liters to 2.4 liters – boxer engine – four-cylinder with two overhead camshafts – performance increases from 200 hp to 234 hp – 6.3 seconds to 100 (6.9 s with automatic) – From 205 to 250 Nm – More than a second faster than its predecessor – 226 km/h (216 km/h with manual transmission ) – 10 liters according to WLTP interior – looks more modern – Apple car play / android auto – Digital speedometer Driving: – 6-speed manual transmission – 6-speed automatic transmission – Sound! – Inside: Sound Generator – Sports car for purists and experienced drivers – Track driving mode – Shift paddles with the automatic Conclusion: – puristic car with driving pleasure – Between 30,000 and 33,000 € – May 2022 – More driving pleasure at an affordable price is not possible ___ You will find more from us also here: TikTok:
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25 thoughts on “Toyota GR 86 in test (2022) The NEW GT 86 is that good! Driving report | Reviews | drift | Gazoo Racing”

  1. Schlechte Wahl mit der Reporterin, lenkt viel zu sehr vom Auto ab 😉 Echt gut was Toyota da macht, freue mich schon auf den Markstart. Gerne mehr Videos mit Jessi

  2. N bissi viel "dünnes" Zeug dabei aber gut, wenns die Leute sehen wollen!? Aber "ultraleicht" mit 1300kg!? Mädel, weißt du was ultraleicht bedeutet???

  3. Klar ist der geil, ist mein GT86 auch! Und das kann ich behaupten, nach 8 Jahren und 130TKm.
    Zu erwähnen wäre da noch, dass die Rückbank umlegt werden kann und man dann einen Zweisitzer mit einem wesentlich großem Kofferraum und zusätzlich sogar einen tieferen Schwerpunkt hat.
    Wenn man ungehemmt Quer fahren will, muss man aber länger auf den linken Knopf drücken, dann sind die Fahrhilfen abgeschaltet und es macht erst dann so richtig Spaß. Vor allem merkt man dann, wie gut und kontrollierbar das Auto wirklich ausgelegt ist.

  4. hello, weiß man ob man die rückbank umklappen kann wenn man mal etwas grösseres in den kofferraum packen will?
    omg, wenn das geht dann is er gekauft

  5. ich hab noch mein alten vor dem Face Lift, da ich denn auch Optisch schöner finde, so wie Aero packet, Den gebe ich nie wieder her!! ^^


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