Toyota 4Runner Shopping! | New channel build?

The Toyota bug has been caught! Could this be the next project on the channel?
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28 thoughts on “Toyota 4Runner Shopping! | New channel build?”

  1. All about Ashlee & her own channel … good choice … love my Tacoma … wheels/tires & suspension … wrap if you think about hitting the trails … maintain that resale value …

  2. I have had my Lectric XP for over two years now, and love it. I ride wintering in Florida right on the Atlatic beach. I ride it at my summer, fall digs in the hills. You won't go wrong getting one. Another great show Russ.

  3. I bought the Fanttik USB air unit after seeing your review a few weeks back. It's been great so far. Got a super deal with your discount code combined with a deal on Amazon. Fanttik's products seem well made and rugged.

  4. really sad to know that US vehicle manufactures don't know how to build decent vehicles , really love the look of the Rubicon and Broncos , but still piece a crap .. Toyotas still taking the win .

  5. The blind spots are only on the premium trims. You'll also have the manual 4wd selecter over the electronic knob with either of the off road models

  6. I love my 2020 TRD Off Road, When camping with wife and son we have a Gazelle T8 tent but when I solo camp I lay the 40 split back seat down and sleep in the truck. I cut down a small piece of plywood and two 2×4 to create a platform to level the seat/trunk.

  7. Want Ashlee's 4Runner to be hers. Advice, sure. Let her trick it out to her wants and needs. She'll appreciate your help, just not rebuilding "it" in YOUR image. Trust a married man, this is sound advice, TS.

  8. I have a 3rd Gen 4Runner and I’ll probably keep it for many years. Although my wifey had a Tahoe so I may need a truck here soon. Love Toyotas though.


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