The Week Ahead: Where we are and how to play #BTC #ETH #SOL $RH $MSTR

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The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Today’s Story
00:50 FOMC Dark Cloud – not “If” but “How much”
01:00 Fundamentals Have Never Been Stronger
04:20 Bitcoin Corrections & Recovery Windows
06:00 Downtrend Durations
06:22 Security at All Time High
07:00 RSI 679 Day Low
07:58 BTC 14% off Summer Lows 6 Mths Ago
08:53 BTC Under 200 DMA
09:28 Even under 400 DMA
09:30 Zoom Out Time – Nasdaq vs Bitcoin
11:12 Bitcoin 200 WMA
11:55 Bitcoin Expected Value – $49,400
13:38 MSTR & SEC
14:19 MSTR BTC Acquisitions
15:33 MSTR BTC Unrealized Profit on Holdings
16:35 GAAP Accounting
18:25 Solana Congestion Issues Continue
19:13 Reminder: I am not the SOL Helpdesk!
20:00 Either is Anatoly Yakovenko – also not SOL help desk
20:50 Blockchain Congestion Is a Plague of Success
21:30 Solana Relief Rally?
21:56 Solana Perspective – 1 year return
22:20 Good time to get paid in BTC – Half Off – Dana Bash and Mayor Adams and UFC heavyweight champ
23:00 RH Allows Select Customers to Transfer Off Platform


38 thoughts on “The Week Ahead: Where we are and how to play #BTC #ETH #SOL $RH $MSTR”

  1. Showing my appreciation and support for everything you do for us James. I am sure we will soon be talking about these lows and laughing about it like nothing happened.. have a great week you legend.

  2. Great analysis James! Also, please consider standing on the side so your pictures don't conver you when they show up. It would give the show a cleaner look. Just 2 steps to your rigth 😉

  3. Hi James, absolutely love your content and information you give us Thank You!. I'm a bit puzzled why BTC price action is so tightly correlated to the SP/DOW etc.

  4. Don't be too quick to jump on any upward spikes… As you can see from the graph at 5:55 it doesn't move in a straight line! There might be an up week or two followed by an even bigger drop (and the opposite on the way up)!

  5. James likes to show how Solana has outperformed Cardano. He doesn't realise that most of us who hold ADA are still up over 40x from our buying in 2020. Profit is based on when you buy, not some specially selected point in time that suits your particular narrative.

  6. Most informative video I’ve seen on crypto yet and gives me a bit more confidence to invest myself. Only thing i dont understand is the whole staking your crypto for a return? What does this mean and are you at risk of your coins being devalued by doing so?

  7. solana proved to be a joke..Only cardano deserves our dollar long term,its a serious project..slow and steady!!solana was a quick horse,but now its dead..!!

  8. Perspective, Perspective! James thank you for bringing the right Perspective to your subscribers. You standout in the space, as one who brings unjaded technical analysis and macro picture into focus, which helps people like me get clarity in these dark times. Thank you Sir !

  9. Yes, things will be great if you’re in the right projects, long term. But, it feels off how analysts/finance people switched to easily to “long term outlook.” And specifically, when you said adamantly, barring a black swan, sol was very very unlikely to be trading anywhere near these levels at this time. I really like your content, agree with most of your outlook, and you seem like a great person. Still, acknowledgement of this reality is important

  10. Today Bitcoin acted on its own, apart from what the market was doing!!! It was a beautiful thing. Wish that was the case ALL the time.

  11. I told you Solana is a centralised Wall Street shitcoin.

    Why do you want to make Chamath and his scumbag friends rich by buying their shitcoin so they can dump it on your head?

    How many times have they switched it off and back on again now? 5? 6?

  12. This has to be the best crypto channel on YouTube, never seen you shill anything and the content has helped keep me focused on the future we have. Love it mate, and thank you – we’re all gonna make it 🍀

  13. The BTC (or any intangible asset for that matter) accounting impairment problem is just one example of how, some would argue, that GAAP is inferior to IFRS…

  14. <Great info and insight as always.It's kinda irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peaks of BTC. A lot has changed and that's on everything but the truth is I don't even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Naughton got me cover as I have made over 17btc from nov till date. His trading skills are exceptional……

  15. Where do you stake your Solana? Every time I compare rates/costs to find a good one, it turns out they don't serve US markets. It's very frustrating so if you could drop a few breadcrumbs, I would appreciate it so much!

  16. WTF James @investanswers 17:00 are you kidding? An asset on the books is unrealized gains so you have to realize it at sale then you get to book it. But a negative balance is like margin. You have to accept the potential loss at any time. GAAP is not the issue. Please don’t turn into one of those hopium nerds who spread disinformation.

  17. Good Video James
    I keep bugging on your MSTR calculations: your fisrt MSTR slide shows that MSTR has 10.390m shares outstanding,. On your 2nd slide showing your arbitrage model, the market cap seems to be calculated using 10.36m shares, i.e. $375.89 X 10,360,000 = $3,893,220,400; while $375.89 X 10,930,000 = $4,391,126,691 market Cap.
    Am I missing something? Is this a mistake ? Please help me understand

  18. nflation has bubbled up to rates not seen since March 1982, a good portion of the increase is due to Covid-19 mucking up supply chains in various ways. While the rate of inflation is expected to decline due to supply chains getting better and year-to-year comparisons being “easier”, there is a risk that inflation remains at a higher level longer than expected. Susan Carol Agiert signaled this 2021 November.

  19. greed and fear ,, chart, is just a show of deviation from the mean, ( intrinsic value ( utility and adoptaiton)), which affects the $ price, not the intrisic value.
    higher the fear, the bounce back to the means will push the momentum up wards higher when it heads to the greed.
    like waves in a shore line. before a sunami, the water will draw out. THEN GET YOUR SURF BOARDS READY. LOL
    from a BELIVER, 52 male


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