Meet one of the world’s most elegant, beautiful dogs, yet feistiest and primitive. One that can SCREAM before its eyes are open as a baby to get rid of predators and who takes this otherworldly scream through to adulthood. This hunting dog is Japan’s national treasure and its beauty is known worldwide, but is it as easy to care for a Shiba Inu as you think? Our experts Liz Dunhill and Michaella Dunhill Hall of Fantasa Team Vormund think otherwise. These top show winning ladies adore The Shiba Inu but want everyone to understand the real character of this breed so that you know just exactly what you are taking on before committing to one. Watch to find out..

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  1. I am a dog walker and boarder and I can say they are nutters! I have had my arm ravaged by one called Yoshi because it didn't want me to touch his harness. It was a massive shock to say the least! They are very fast, alert and suspicious. I have learnt with spitz type breeds to be dominant, but Shiba are something else. Alot of patience needed and be firm.

  2. My shiba Inu came from a Amish family that left it outside in a cage with his siblings and mom for most of its 8 week life. He didn’t know how to react to the toys we got him, but after patience and lots of playtime outside. He is the best decision I have ever made.

  3. I have a Shiba (almost identical to the one that kept jumping on her at the beginning) and she acts the same exact way. The problem with her is that she has really bad separation anxiety. If my wife and I are walking her and one of us needs to go somewhere else, she will start screaming. She's getting better through.

  4. 시바는 귀여운 맛이 진도는 듬직한 맛이 있죠. 당신은 진도에 대한 언급도 해야 합니다. 시바의 근본은 진도에요. 당신은 아마도 모르겠지만……

  5. Excellent video! And it's absolutely true, having a Shiba in your family is NOT for everyone. But for me, it's the best thing I've ever done.

  6. Travelling thru Asia one can see Dogs that look very similar – the slightly slanted eyes – Australia’s Dingo was brought to Australia thousands of years ago. They are intelligent, independent & sadly people keep the as Pets. They are sight Dogs & will chase, which is normal
    for sight Dogs. Independent thinking Dogs are not recommended for inexperienced people or families with children. They are a primitive breed as are Huskies, Malamutes, Rottweilers, Cane Corso, Malanois etc & they can be dangerous. There are dozens of lovely, friendly, Family Dogs. People don’t do their research & get a Dog that is unsuitable. Millions of unsuitable Dogs are killed annually – because of the Breeder & the Owners. Not every human is intelligent !!!

  7. Ww2 was brutal Cold War and year of depression a lot of innocent dogs family of shiva inu died but thank God the Shiba inu relived again and helped relived Japan again Thank God

  8. If a dog scream for a bit too long infront of me its gona get a swift kick to the under belly lol. And if it continues, it will be introduce to my friend Smith&Wesson.

  9. This dog should be mass produce in farms. We can of course harvest meat off it, by froce feeding them for 3-4 months. They grow from pup to young adult in very short time so thats a benefit. The fur can also be harvested. Plus the ham of a specially shiba inu is really really yummy.

  10. Come to my channel and you can find a lot of Shiba Inus
    which are walking around with their family members
    in local places in Japan.

  11. "Elegant and dignified"

    Me looking over at my show dog shiba who just ate some dogshit and emptied her anal glands on my couch

    "Oh yeah truly"

  12. 犬 (meaning “dog”) is pronounced いぬ (“ee-new”). You will get confused reactions from Japanese people if you say いんゆ (“inyu”) since it means “metaphor” (隠喩).

  13. Mine never screamed. He did run like 20 miles an hour, all over town. I remember running for like 3 hours straight with mine at times. He was black. Which was good, because we have massive foxes and people confuse the red ones for the foxes here. He was a snuggler. We would circle each other and play. He would circle me and then rush in at my feet, and hed only go home when I successfully caught him. It was a game. We had fun. It was like, training. Agility training.

  14. I just seen this Shiba video, and I'm enjoying it. I love this breed. I've had a Shiba/ Chow. I loved her. Her name was Lola. I also like large breeds of dogs too.

  15. I've always been a fan of larger dogs, until I met my daughters Shiba Inu, Hadley, I fell in love with her, she's very independent, og boy she's a cat in a dog's body. I absolutely love this breed so much.💜💜💜💜💜🐱🐕

  16. To all the Shiba Inu holders. Crypto is about to get a total house cleaning. Hang on to your shiba Inu coins, if you panic when it shoots up you will have great regrets. Everything in the markets is going to take a severe beating. Look at this time as an opportunity. I could be totally wrong but I predict 4 or 5 coins will come out of the ashes of this crash and Shiba Inu will be one of them. Only my opinion, Hang on, walk away for a few months and relax. The billionaires will be buying a coin that has a everyday function, a coin that can actually be used to buy a hotdog ,a car, a mortgage, etc. good luck


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