The REVEAL – 2023 Toyota Sequoia Livestream ft. David Chao

Tune in to see the all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia revealed for the first time.


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28 thoughts on “The REVEAL – 2023 Toyota Sequoia Livestream ft. David Chao”

  1. Ford Expedition Limited: $74,150. 400 HP 480 lb ft 19 MPG
    Chevy Tahoe High Country: $75,095. 420 HP 460 lb ft 16 MPG combined
    Toyota Sequoia SR5/Limited: $50-55k. 437 HP 583 lb ft. 22 MPG combined

  2. Who cares about Land rouser 300 when they're offering this beauty . I can't afford it but love this new sequoia 😍
    TNX for video

  3. At 8-9 seconds, he says “2023 Toyota Tundra” haha thought it was funny, clearly Kirk you were super excited to talk about how much the sequoia is based off of the tundra. Really excited to see this come in the dealerships and love the channel btw!

  4. Sorry but I want to correct a misinformation in 36:00, Toyota Sequoia do have an 4WD “auto” mode, in fact it’s even more advanced, it has a multi mode 4WD since it’s introduced. You can use 4WD all time as long as you don’t lock center differential.

  5. Super excited about the new Sequoia. Looks great. Obviously Sequoia can’t compete with the luxury or build quality of a LX600 but the Sequoia will be so much more appealing given affordability.

  6. Though it has similarities with other SUV of Toyota, its more elegant than the smaller models and still rugged as the Thundra.

    I'm glag also that Landcruizer has unique frontage vs all of Toyota SUV or Pick up. I hope if Prado be redesign it will not look similar with Landcruizer.

  7. Honestly, the 3rd row not folding flat on the Sequoia is a deal breaker for me. I also don't want a hybrid.

    I'm really one of those people that that expects my Toyota VIN to start with a "J". If it doesn't then I'm starting to look at domestic manufacturers as well and would probably go with the Tahoe over the Sequoia as I really liked my old 2000 Tahoe.

    Since I barely have 1500 miles on my new GX though I'm not going to be looking for a new vehicle for a long time.

  8. It looks great and I am sure it is. The third row cargo space is a deal breaker, seat up or down. The shelf system sucks, let’s just say it. It’s too bad because other than that it looks to be a home run.

  9. Hi Kirk I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased a 2021 Lexus LX 570 Because I love the V8 5.7 L; I looked at the new LX’s but I want to wait at least five or six years until the last model of this version and then I will purchase one; just wanted to let you know your channel is fantastic!David and you are the two best I think on the Internet! Thank you for giving everyone information on LEXUS and TOYOTA. I appreciate all the work that you do I am moving from Texas back to Florida and eventually I’m going to run for senate; hope to meet you and David from Canada someday I really appreciate both of you; thank you for your passion to your craft
    Jimmy USAF🇺🇸😇✝️🙏💜👍✈️🇨🇮🇯🇵🇨🇦


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