22 thoughts on “The HONDA is BACK!!”

  1. Awesome nice to have the yellow civic back checked daily for any feeds of the car and this morning my day was made when the civic hit youtube keep cool love the content 🚘

  2. Your Videos are always top class boet. Hope you're going to the RaceSA Full Prep Invitational event at Midvaal. Would love to see how that event goes down.

  3. Safety First bro, you know the drillπŸ˜‰.
    Also, I believe his name is Aashiq not Tariq😁.

    EDIT: I love your content bro, it's very informative and super entertaining at the same time. Please keep it coming bro, it's highly appreciated πŸ’― πŸ‘Œ.

  4. Perhaps get some OEM vtec rims?
    Remove the spoon stickers?
    Remove the smoke/tint from the headlights and restore it back to its former glory, the clear crystal look??
    Perhaps add some red Honda badges to the front and back?? OEM ofcourse.

    These are purely suggestions, please don't take offense πŸ™. I love your car regardless and I'm a huge fan of your work πŸ’―β€.

    EDIT: I just realized, that you've already got the red Honda badge in the back. Also, I re-watched the video and I must admit, she looks Sexy As Fvck with the debadge grill in the front 😍 , great choice buddy πŸ‘Œ.


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