The all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia Is a Tundra For The Entire Family – Let’s See How I Fit!

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41 thoughts on “The all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia Is a Tundra For The Entire Family – Let’s See How I Fit!”

  1. I choose a Ford Expedition over this but it's good to see Toyota still cares for anything other than a Corolla or a Camry

  2. One question. They revealed the Tundra shortly before its release date. Now they’re showcasing the 2023 sequoia now. What gives?

  3. Toyota you guys should’ve kept the rear sliding window like the tundra that’s what made the sequoia different from all the other suvs 😭

  4. Damn, they def nailed the look of this! Super excited to see more vids on this. Worthy upgrade from my ‘13 tahoe which was the same sine ‘07

  5. No full time 4wd like a LC? Then the US isn’t getting a replacement for that loss. Only the LX600 is full time 4wd giving those of us who really love the heritage LC since the 80 series a true LC replacement or at the very least successor.

  6. I prefer the power window over the lift window. Thats a big no no. Only because you have to change out the struts every so often. That glass has fallen on my head in my 2008 Highlander.

  7. It is a car that you can drive for whole life, and pass to next generation……I am seriously thinking buying one, it looks good and is very functional. Good for daily and road trips.

  8. I like it. Looks much better than the Tundra. They failed with the 3rd row though. I don’t see this toppling GM as the sales leader in the segment.

  9. Just think most families will spend 15 to 20k less and get the Sienna. Trying to see who would actually go for this when it’s so small compared to other full sized suvs.


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