The 2023 Toyota Sequoia Is A Re-Imagined Electrified Flagship Family SUV

The last time #Toyota gave us an all-new #ToyotaSequoia was back in 2007. For 2022, Toyota’s largest SUV has been completely redesigned. Newly available in the range topping #SequoiaCapstone, this 3rd generation #Sequoia shares its platform with the redesigned #ToyotaTundra, #LandCruiser, and #LexusLX600. It comes standard with the i-Force MAX hybrid powertrain and will go on sale this summer.

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36 thoughts on “The 2023 Toyota Sequoia Is A Re-Imagined Electrified Flagship Family SUV”

  1. We never thought we'd see the day! But its here… Toyota has finally redesigned their gentle giant Sequoia after 15 long years! It looks fantastic in-person and we can't wait to get behind the wheel. We do want to notate one thing, this generation ditches the independent rear suspension from the 2nd generation, it has the same coil spring live axle setup as the Tundra with the rear air suspension. That did raise the 3rd row seat up a bit and the hybrid battery pack lives under the floor. From the video, we thought the 3rd row was still very usable for an average size adult. Toyota will announce more detailed specs and pricing at a later date!

  2. Toyota please work on those gaint side mirrors… i dont need to see traffic behind the car with those huge side mirror. My 2019 higlander gibes me so much blind spot up hill turning left right or at the mall parking lot. I wonder why no one mentioned this so far. Please resize mirrors to reasonably. This SUV looks aweome. Thank you!

  3. Looks great…love the trd in white….I want it now!!!
    My only issue is it looks like the floor isnt flat. That the seats stick up above the floor by about 6 or more inches. Personally I hope they offer a version without the 3rd row…..or allow for the third row to be easily removed.
    TY Toyota for NOT putting another ugly huge grill on this…ty ty ty.

  4. Tundra production cut in half today 1/28/22. If you do find a Sequoia it will be marked up real nice for ya. All these new vehicle's and NO production, this is a joke.

  5. The more I see it, the more I like it. But I’d never buy one. 1 I don’t need the space and 2 I’d go Tahoe or Wagoneer if I could afford one. Wish Ram did a Ram Charger with the rams face. We had one back in the 80s. We went to Mexico in it. It was a cool family car. It was Dodge’s Blazer/Bronco competitor.

  6. Sofyan u my go to guy when needing a good car review. U a pro. Don’t skip a beat even with people interrupting your review. Wish I could join u in a review one day.

  7. Beautiful vehicle. The biggest issue is the cargo area behind the third row. That is absolutely terrible! Imagine loading a couch or something heavy. The load height is way too high! Ridiculous! And you can barely fit anything back there with the third row up. Really disappointed in that regard and considering this will be an expensive vehicle.

  8. Holy crap this looks amazing, I was thinking about Sienna but I might need to wait for this one. I love the look from the back especially ! Looks like the grand Cherokee a lil bit !


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