The 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Is A Fuel-Efficient Ordinary Commuter Car

Sometimes, you just want to purchase an affordable and fuel efficient commuter car that will last a long time. That’s where the 2022 #ToyotaCorollaHybrid comes to mind. The first ever #CorollaHybrid gets Prius like MPG at 53/52 and at a base price of under $25,000, it’s one of the most efficient and affordable new cars money can buy. Sadly, those of you looking for more excitement from #Toyota, should probably look elsewhere because the #ToyotaCorolla #Hybrid is about as vanilla as it gets.

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25 thoughts on “The 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Is A Fuel-Efficient Ordinary Commuter Car”

  1. "0-60…. Eventually"
    OMG that got me laughing for about a minute!! Hahahahaaaa!! I wasn't expecting that! 😆

    Love your reviews! I watch every single one!

  2. Toyota could do better with it. However, the smaller wheels are better for gas mileage. No need for 18 inch wheels from the SE Corolla.

  3. Great review! Thanks for being as fair as you could while discussing you biases! Which it does beg the question why not Ford Maverick? I mean for not being a Toyota the feature cuts at base price and getting 13 less MPG you get a little truck and litle I mean like Avalon size or close to it. So yeah why not?

  4. "Safe" seems to be something only the automotive press and consumers who lease to impress neighbors consider a negative. That aspect is exactly what makes Toyotas so competent and reliable.

    That said, I really don't like the styling on the US version of the sedan. The rest of the world gets much nicer exterior styling which looks slightly more upscale and, ironically, is more related to the Camry and Avalon. Toyota of America makes some strange decisions when it comes to styling and features.

  5. Stop shitting on economy cars. Not everyone has the funds to buy a Porsche. This is the car most people will drive. I used to watch your channel all the time, your attitude towards the every man car has really turned me off.

  6. I couldn't care less if it looks appealing as hell or not. It's simple, it does the job right, it's reliable and longer lasting, and cheap for what it can do. This car is almost perfect for me

  7. Toyota-hybrid enthusiast here: let me clear up a couple of things about this car.
    The torque figure: the gasoline engine has 105 lb-ft of torque, but the torque of the electric motor is massive.
    e-CVT: it's totally different from a Nissan or a Subaru. The main electric motor needs massive torque because it is the primary motivation for the vehicle, the engine can influence overall output, but never directly drive the wheels.
    EV mode: all Toyota full hybrids have been able to go up to 40 mph in electric mode.
    0-60: 10 seconds is more than adequate for everyday driving, it's not a Supra. 0-30 is about 3 seconds, which is very useful for merging with city traffic.

  8. A lot of complaining about this car – it's very affordable and very economical. Why are you comparing this to hybrid SUVs because those don't get nearly as good mileage.

  9. This has to be the ugliest and cheapest looking car on the market today! I don’t even know why anyone would buy this over the Elantra or the Forte.

  10. Toyota owner here and millionaire. Toyota is no longer most reliable manufacture or safest.. Do your research.. They were once but others have catch up and surpass them..

    They just have that reputation that people go to. It’s actually mazada and Hyundai and Kia and other brands leading..

    Toyota interiors are dated 10 years and used old tech.. They used 2000s back grainy cameras because they can and get away with that reliable bs they keep pitching

  11. If it's corolla reliable, not prius reliable, I can see them selling well over 1 mil units of these, once the price drops to mass production cost. Wish it was a bit faster, but it would be fantastic as fleet, taxi, uber and commuter car. Bang on Toyota, keep servicing fees and intervals modest, offer more features and phase out the non-hybrid in the next 3 years. Do that and this will be the new standard. It does need a spare tire though…


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