The 2022 Honda Civic launches in the Philippines | Walkaround

Please welcome the 11th-generation Honda Civic into the Philippines. The new compact sedan features an all-turbo lineup. It gets a more powerful 1.5-liter turbocharged motor that produces 176 horsepower and is mated to a CVT. Prices start at just P1,290,000 for the base, and P1,690,000 for the RS Turbo variant.

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41 thoughts on “The 2022 Honda Civic launches in the Philippines | Walkaround”

  1. way to go getting the "bad thing" out of the way, early on in the video. this is the first Civic design that I don't like. And I was really excited to see the new gen. Well, on to the Mazda CX-50 then

  2. 10th generation is better looking, the interior is a wow and the 1.69M tag price is a no question as this is a Civic and a Honda…

  3. I wish you'd do a comparo against mazda 3 in the future. I think mazda will launch their 2.5L engine on feb next year. BEST CAR REVIEWER

  4. Awesome content as always. The style is alot more engaging, natural and fluid. The puns balance well with the tech speak. Keep it up Autodeal team!

  5. nawala yung angas. Mas okay itsura nung previous gen. Nag expect talaga ako dito sa next gen. Kala ko mas maangas pa, tapos ayun hindi pala.

  6. Honda Civic Sport here in the US around at least 25000 dollars, I have until this Feb. fully paid my accord and maybe this march on my bday i will get this Civic Sport like RS … Im a loyal Hondia since 1990 and i have my first car which is honda civic hatchback 1991


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