The 133rd Rose Parade presented by Honda

Ring in the new year with the Rose Parade! This year’s 5 1/2 mile route featured almost six dozen tournament entries, including the parade’s famed floral floats, marching bands and equestrian units, plus the Rose Queen and entire Royal Court.

The theme for the 133rd Rose Parade was “Dream. Believe. Achieve,” and the grand marshal was LeVar Burton.

The New Year’s Day 2022 airing marked the 75th consecutive television broadcast of the parade on KTLA.

Watch the 2022 #RoseParade celebration again on, here:


38 thoughts on “The 133rd Rose Parade presented by Honda”

  1. 133rd Rose Parade is good because I’m enjoying it a lot. Have a great time! You too. Goodbye for now. Join us here won’t you? Thanks a lot.

  2. I enjoyed this – I was privileged to do some event security at the site of float build and practice session of the beautiful & energetic young dancers along with great music of Jimmy Allen

  3. My son held award banner in this parade, we are so proud of him as one of 60 Eagle Scouts be selected from hundreds in LA county. As 1st gen immigrants, me and my wife watched this parade forty+ years ago when we were still in a country across Pacific Ocean. This parade showed how prosperous and nice weather in California, Rose Parade was our first American dream. This year is our first time to be seated on Colorado and watched the whole parade, it was just 5 miles away from our home, of course that is for watching our son. But from my son’s perspective, he said when they turned from Orange Groove to Colorado, the spectacular view was astonishing, he will never forget.

  4. Total shame you did not include footage of America’s army 1st cavalry who right now have troops on deployment around the world guess their wagons horses and uniforms don’t fit in with your other riders featured they were there marching but we would never know it shame on you how unpatriotic of you

  5. Thank you to All The First responders, The democrat shaministration Vilifies on a daily basis. Without them, you couldn't even of had this parade. Wake the F up California……


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