Terraria, but I use 0 mana for magic weapon… (doing small researches in Terraria 1.4 #5.5)

ah yes, more terraria researching… but this time, I only tried to find one thing, and that wasn’t enough, so it’s like extra thing for main topic. well, terraria 1.4 adds new accessories that does… things.

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At first, I only thought you can’t make magic weapon cost no less than 1.. and I was wrong… very wrong. you can have 0 mana usage. not 1, 0. completely mana free!… that does mean that it’s not magic weapon anymore? it became more like melee weapon..? or not.

This video was rushed, and it’s still late. very sad, but it still has requirements for video, so why not. I also tried to find out some odd stuffs, like speed of dragonflies and truffle worms. they were fast… how do they even go that fast?? it’s almost car speed… no, not that car has eyes and saying “I AM SPEED”… oh no.

ok can I go rest now?

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41 thoughts on “Terraria, but I use 0 mana for magic weapon… (doing small researches in Terraria 1.4 #5.5)”

  1. Laughs in 3ds bug

    If you didn't know the unerfed spectre hood had a bug when you switched weapons the Mana cost would reduce my record is negative 1738 Mana cost

  2. i will never trash a nature's gift ever again.

    well i hope the devs make notice of this and fix it in, i can think of a fix that would be quite easy actually. just make it so that upgrades of accessories do not stack the same effects (but still apply over added effects) with the accessories they were made with, nor other upgrades of those accessories.
    so if you wear both mana cloak, and magnet flower, and mana flower, you'll just get 8% mana usage reduction instead of 24%. plus the other added effects. which will encourage players to seek out and equip accessories that don't overlap in recipes, instead of ones that do.
    after all, even if you have 2 accessories equipped that make you automatically drink a mana potion when your mana gets low, you won't drink 2 potions at the same time when that happens. you'll just drink 1 potion as if you had only one such accessory equipped. i don't see why it shouldn't be the same with mana usage.

  3. I know this doesn't neccesarily reduce Mana Usage, but if you want more you can set up areas for mana boosters, or use potions. Not even full mana boost makes Razorblade Tyhpoon infinite!

  4. I remember on the 3ds version you could get the Zapinator to -20 mana cost and it would instantly Regen mana until full then use like 1 or 2 mana after that and loop infinitely.

  5. -1 mana usage is possible i already tried every weapon and the last prism to me now costs -4 mana…well i just used terraria manager


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