TEASED! ALL-NEW Toyota Sequoia SHOWS itself after 14 years..

Toyota teases its NEXT big vehicle. This has to be the new 2023 Sequoia – third generation.


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37 thoughts on “TEASED! ALL-NEW Toyota Sequoia SHOWS itself after 14 years..”

  1. The side profile literally looks like the old Mitsubishi Outlander while the rear end looks like the new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

  2. If that's a Sequoia it doesn't look like there's a roll down back window like the last generation. The side windows look very similar to a highlander

  3. Just to point out:
    The patent Mazda filed is for a polymer windshield. They used a drawing of a 3-door Mazda3, but the substance of the patent has absolutely nothing to do with any particular model or body style.

  4. Toyota has done some fun/ interesting things lately. The Sequoia sales numbers have exponentially decreased every single year since inception. Whilst the 4Runner’s have been doing the opposite. With the J300 LC reimagined stateside as the LX600….and I know everyone reading this will think I’m insane lol….I wouldn’t be surprised if both the Sequoia AND the 4Runner were axed, to be replaced by what we’re looking at here. 2023 US version of the Prado. Basically the GX, branded as Toyota, 4H/4L only. Decent little third row. The tundra engine. Pretty much the same size as the a 4Runner but a little more rubenesque. It’ll keep the Land Cruiser purists like myself placated, and not lose any of the 4Runner folks getting ready to buy a new one. It’s a win-win.

    Sure, Toyota may lose it’s only alternative to Tahoes and Expeditions….but were they ever really even competing? Chevy sold more Tahoes last month than Toyota has sequoias in the last two years. Just some food for thought 🤷🏻‍♂️….and my own delusions in hopes of maybe seeing a Prado in the US lol

  5. That has to be the new 4runner cuz it looks like a mid size SUV it's even smaller than the land cruiser 🤺the sequoia is a XXL family SUV that SUV looks smaller that the expedition the GMC the Cadillac escalade

  6. To me, the Sequoia makes more sense, space-wise, than the Lexus LX. If you’re not going off road, and 99.999% of them do not, then it’s a much more practical and better looking vehicle than the LX. You buy and keep a Sequoia. You lease an LX. Want 409 HP in your Sequoia? Just run 93 octane premium fuel . 06:02 yes Kirk, we have both a ship and a chip crunch!!!

  7. I can't wait to see a Sequoia, sold my 100S Land Cruiser, need new 8 seats & 4×4 or AWD that can tow (Hybrid would be a PLUS). This teaser don't like the test mule that leaked a few months back (shorter). I think it going to be a 4runner.

  8. I’ve been waiting for the new Sequoia to get here, I just hope it’s not off to a rough start like the Tundra seems to be

  9. Is it just me or does it look smaller than the current Sequoia? The rear looks very similar to the Land Cruiser which has always been smaller than the Sequoia and that rear window is definitely smaller. Hoping they don’t make it smaller, they might lose some customers over that

  10. This is the release of the new LC 300 that will be released here in the US. The Sequoia has a less slanted rear window and larger from the rear window to the back. All the platforms will have the battery under the rear seat that is why all the trucks and full size SUV’s will share the F platform. Great video

  11. The back profiles remind me of the previous-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee, it kind of looks small, even with other pics floating around on the internet, the camouflage makes it look more like a longer Land Cruiser, but with a front from the Tundra, hopefully, it offers 4 corner air suspension and not just that rear air suspension from the Tundra, it will need to be competitive in size, price, weight, and towing to the Big 3, more so to GM than anyone else, why, GM owns the full-size body on frame SUV market, hopefully, it offers something the others don’t have, maybe a hybrid, but given that GM has that diesel, probably not going to matter, it needs to win on features and tech


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