In todays video I explore the STRONG AMA which happened on the 19th January 2022. Where the STRONG community pitched their questions to founder David Moss who in return answered them all. He covers topics from rewards decreasing, new partnerships, effects of ETH 2.0 and more.

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24 thoughts on “STRONGCHAIN, FTM NODES and DECAY! | STRONG AMA 19th January 2022”

  1. Can someone plz explain why our rewards must decay? I understand decay won’t start until after your investment is recouped but just seems counterintuitive. What could be done so decay decay doesn’t happen at all?

  2. Yield Hunt is making me $1k per day at the moment, Police and Thief fork…I’m just stacking NFTs at the moment…probably got 2 more weeks of this before it’s done

  3. I've been following you since I bought 3 nodes in December! I got a question.. What happens if strong reaches its Max supply of tokens? I'm a newbie and I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing?

  4. The decay model will not be for the Ethereum blockchain as there would be no decay there, correct? The decay will be for polygon and others? Or I am mistaken?

  5. Thanks for sharing. There's lots of promises being made here on what can potentially be achieved. That's encouraging…but there's only so many promises a company can make until they actually do something. I have a feeling the first half of this year's going to be critical for StrongBlock's long term success.

  6. great update… just got my first node yesterday and looking into a second one today. Sustainability will definitely be key… looking forward to more updates !

  7. Do you think there's a considerable risk involved getting a node? I'm guessing we can't know that the strong price won't drop another 50% or more


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