Solana NOW MORE VALUABLE THAN Cardano! SOL Enters 10X Price Discovery! [Important Price Predictions]

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Solana Flips Cardano in Market Cap value as more institutional money flows into SOL rather than ADA. Which crypto is good buying atm?

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00:47 Bitcoin is King
02:56 Don’t get caught out holding bags!
04:37 Solana 69.
05:05 Huge money flowing into SOL
05:40 Solana 10X
09:34 Cardano Analysis
11:59 Long-term vs Short-term Investing: SOL vs ADA

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50 thoughts on “Solana NOW MORE VALUABLE THAN Cardano! SOL Enters 10X Price Discovery! [Important Price Predictions]”

  1. Will ADA finish in the top 5 at the end of this cycle?

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    8. Patreon (Everyone)

  2. ADA comming back, Charles must be personally chuking in some money….. until its proven, who cares, he should concentrate on the product, if its that good, the results will speak from themselves.

  3. I hope they both run parabolic, been filling my bags with ADA while sol been mooning! Already got in SOL early. When I wasn't buying SOL on the dips I was adding to my Matic and ADA (ADER like you aussie's say!) bags.

  4. Ada 👎 You miss out on gains while waiting for it to do something. Even if it goes up, how much could you had of made if that money was somewhere else during the time it stood still?

  5. Solana conference starts soon. People are buying (like me) in anticipation of great developer and project announcements. This will be similar to the Fantom conference effect a few weeks ago.

  6. Putting all my gains into [BAG] – a new ERC20 deflationary token with bad tokenomics, worse distribution, a cute avatar, and a fake charity! For HOLDERS only since it also has an unbelievably long lock-in period!

  7. [SHP] – Sheep token! A new ERC20 deflationary token for people to pile into! It has bad tokenomics, worse distribution, no roadmap, a copypastia white paper, a cute avatar, and a fake charity! FOMO in now to start your lockin period while the coin creators sell you their bags!

  8. I read a report that said Solana' s ecosystem is growing at the same rate that etherium did. I also heard Solana's CEO quoted as saying that whilst technological advantage was important, network effect was even more so. That did it for me and I went all-in on Sol.

  9. Sol is pure centralized garbage nobody will talk about in 5 years. Eth, Pol, Ada are the real projects. Sure you can make money from Sol, but I would take it out as fast i could.

  10. SOL is going to 370 and settle for a while. ADA is going to hit $2.60 and fall again.. anything under 2 is cheap, but it won't move for now

  11. Cardano seems like massive value trap. Sorry to the ADA army and congrats on those who've had success investing in it, but where is the development? Where are the dApps and NFTs? I mean it is the older of projects and IMO it seems like it has purely ran up on hype to this point, and virtually no current functional use, just promises of saving 3rd world countries. I would love to rotate into ADA after the rest of market pumps but I will need to see some real concrete development and real use before I put my money in ADA.

  12. Cardano is a dead project. Sell your Cardano to me so you can buy Solana. There are starving people that need your NFTs to survive. Hurry before it's too late!

  13. Buy Solana and DOT. Be smart! Solana will rule layer 1. the upside potential for Solana is much greater than Eth. Dot will rule layer 0

  14. Wait what, you just arbitrarily announced BTC should move 50% up to a marked a $95k resistance without explaining your call whatsoever. Completely arbitrary. I can make up wishful targets too.

  15. WRONG!! People are buying SOL not as a groundless FOMO but because SOL Scales and has incredibly cheap transaction costs. ADA and ETH pale by comparison.

  16. Ada is not moving look to the chart from 1 januari till today, u can have a lot more profit in the long term with ada , SOL cannot go up for ever

  17. So many fools falling for the Solana hype and misinformation. SOL supply was intentionally restricted so demand for the 5% issued to retail investors would drive price up. Solana, despite its claims, is highly centralized. It is severely limited in functionality/utility by not having a layer 2 protocol.

  18. Smart selling that Ada trash 🗑 yesterday and buying SOLANA in the Morning. Im already up over 26%. Haven’t seen Ada do that in Month’s. Ada will pump again but no Major updates till Q4 now 2022. Diversifying is the KEY 🔑 to making money in CRYPTO😎 👍💰

  19. Hi Jason, just wondering if your "TOP 2 Leverage Trading Crypto Exchanges" recommendation is still valid for Aussies? Binance stopped offering leverage for Australian customers months ago and ByBit doesn't accept Australians either…what's your recommendations for Aussies if we want leverage? Thanks!

  20. Crypto is constantly in price discovery until it settles at it’s equilibrium, at which time it will function like any currency really optimistic of how things will go in crypto trading.

  21. Few weeks ago you said you sold your solana at previous ATH ~214 USD to buy other coins as you did not think it will go higher. Now you talk about Solana as it was your son😎

  22. I made my first million investing in stock as a beginner, excited , now I can focus on my kids and other things in my life.


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