Solana: Could SOL Hit $1,000?! DEEP DIVE!! ☀️

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Solana Projects 👉
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Internet Computer Potential 👉


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0:00 Intro
1:39 Solana Recap
4:17 Solana Updates Part 1
7:13 Solana Updates Part 2
8:52 SOL Price Analysis
11:10 Solana Roadmap
14:02 Solana Milestones
16:03 Solana Concerns
18:56 Conclusion


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28 thoughts on “Solana: Could SOL Hit $1,000?! DEEP DIVE!! ☀️”

  1. I truly love your educational content and hope you will make an in depth video like this one, about XRP! 🙏🏻

    Happy New Year and continued success in 2022 🚀

  2. Couldn't bare to watch my SOL drop so much recently, so I've moved it over to ETH. Hopefully the coming upgrade to 2.0 will give ETH a boost, because it's not been doing great either.

  3. Solana profit is very low, x2 is very hard to achieve, especially recent many ddos attacks and congestions. but altcoin has potential to get 10x – 20x. Get out of bitcoin and focus on platform like Harmony or smaller market cap like gxchain, cocos, request, bread, drep…..

  4. An Awesome Video. Everyone needs more than than a Basic Income to be Financially Secured in this present time that there's an Economic Decline

  5. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a Miracle, that's why i trade with Erna solberg, her skills set is exceptional.

  6. Solana is cool but its a centralised shit. It is the prime example for hype over actual fundamentals. Projects like Ada are building steady

  7. The fact is, when you dig deeper into every project, not even a one of them is perfect. There are always specific tradeoffs in specific solutions. Solana has it's cons and pros, as every other coin. Maybe for now it isn't as decentralized as everyone would expect, but seeing an institutional interest and demand for SOL (e.g. Solana Trust) is quite a good evidence that the project has great potential for further improvements and development. Otherwise institutions wouldn't bet on it. Nothing is happening in a matter of a single day. I noticed that people would like to have a final solution with perfect, hard-working team behind that and additionally it would be best if price of such coin would be a quarter of cent with $1M market cap, so they all can just buy Lambo on another day. It's just not how it works. Patient is one of the most crucial feature if it's about investment, so in this new year I wish to all of you who read this, to be more patient in regard to all decisions you make.


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