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It’s time to cook a simple fried rice recipe for those of you who want to cook but don’t have many ingredients in the kitchen. In addition, this recipe is also very suitable for old dates where it’s time for you to save money. Besides being delicious, fried rice is certainly filling. Most importantly, this simple fried rice recipe for beginners will obviously be easy for anyone to try.

First of all, prepare rice in ideal conditions, namely cold rice from steamed rice. This is the right choice of rice because of its firmer texture and less lumpy. The seasoning will be easier to stir and seep into the rice as it cooks. This simple fried rice consists of five ingredients that you probably always have in your fridge. Such as carrots, eggs, onions, garlic, and red chilies. Seasonings and basic cooking ingredients such as shallots, garlic, and red chilies are simply finely chopped or chopped.

Meanwhile, to enrich the taste, add chicken stock powder and Sweet Soy Sauce. For stuffing fried rice, there’s nothing wrong with using carrots and green onions. Cut the carrots into small pieces for easy cooking. Carrots will give a fresh sweet taste typical of vegetables. Then slice the scallion obliquely as a flavor enhancer and add to the deliciousness of the fried rice.

This time, I omitted the eggs in the fried rice mixture. Instead of sticky eggs and making the rice lumpy, I will make fried eggs as a complement to fried rice. Can you imagine a fried egg with the yolk still half cooked? Melt slowly over hot fried rice.

Rather than just imagining it, come on, we immediately prepare the ingredients. Check out this simple simple fried rice recipe at home! Curious to try other fried rice recipes? You can check on Instagram What are you cooking today, there are many recipes and other tips about the world of cooking for you to get. Do not forget follow and like too, yes!

Want to try another recipe? Make sure to check Instagram What are you cooking today and get other interesting inspiration about the world of cooking. Don’t forget to also follow and likes, yes!

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