Should I buy Fantom $FTM? Is it an #ETHKiller or a #SOLKiller? Let’s find out.

#Fantom #FTM #Ethereum #ShouldIBuy #FantomWorthIt?
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0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.
00:30 IA Token Valuation Process
01:30 What It Does
02:10 Background
02:58 Ranking
03:28 Industry Disruption
03:51 Value Props
04:20 Technology
05:00 Speed
06:24 Security & Decentralization
07:17 Tokenomics
08:05 IA Crypto Compendium & IA SCP Score
09:34 Other Numbers
09:58 Market Cap/TVL of Decentralized Exchanges
10:33 TVL Driven by Geist
11:46 Investors
12:13 Ecosystem & Partnerships
13:20 Growth & Longevity
13:40 Risks = Part 1 Taliban, Hitches and More
14:38 Risks – Top 8 hold 31% / Top 83 hold 50%
15:00 Top Fantom Analysts Price Prediction Models – CP Forecast WalletInvestor Trading Beasts Coinpedia Digital Coin Gov.Capital Long Forecast
16:00 Fantom Chart Analysis
17:12 IA Fantom Price Prediction
18:24 Where to Buy
18:48 Conclusion Part 1
20:00 Conclusion Part 2 – biggest strength is the biggest weakness
20:40 Conclusion Part 3 – final conclusion – The Coinbase Effect


40 thoughts on “Should I buy Fantom $FTM? Is it an #ETHKiller or a #SOLKiller? Let’s find out.”

  1. Your “Should I buy” videos are my favorite. The amount of work you put into these is mind boggling. This is something i would never be able to do, so sharing this with us is so appreciated.
    Thank you James! Your the best!

  2. I don't think that ftm is able to compete with eth or sol, it's another level. BUt still it has its cons, and I believe that eventually it can grow bigger. I only started trading it ob bfx so I can't say much about it for now, but I have a hinch

  3. Great FA.
    Please do $METIS ser.
    By miles the most undervalued L2 on the market and once you look into what sets it apart it will blow your mind…

  4. Hi everyone,

    Having a bit of an issue here.

    Bridged FTM from BSC to Fantom Network. On bscscan it says that transaction was successful, but my FTM did not appear in my metamask:

    Already had 6 FTM in my wallet and was looking to add 86 more, so the FTM ticker is there and working.

    Will you be able to help me, please?

  5. Binances BTC-exchange having a glith with the exchange rate on it

    exchanges right now btc like x10 price to ethereum

    I posted vldeo

  6. I think most layer 1 are ETH killers, only momentarily. ETH will be the dominant once 2.0 comes out although taking WAY too long. There is a huge FTM bandwagon right now and is one of the few that is saving my portfolio.


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