Saitama Most savage Moments

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49 thoughts on “Saitama Most savage Moments”

  1. those spectator at the sea king scene felt super stupid, i mean can't you tell from the graphics, that a punch changed environment.

  2. what i really hate in that Anime/Manga is the fact that saitama defeated all boses of the anime and an another person get the credit

  3. Most savage moment IMO is when he bslaps Mosquito Girl. She got her wish to be all over the city, and I got a hearty laugh.

  4. Garou:*tries to knock saitama out cold* saitama:what’s the big deal are you trying to rob me garou:*realizes he made a big mistake* saitama:don’t interfere with my shopping*one shots garou to hell*

  5. This anime has the deepest insight towards humans and human psychology. At the very least, it's very symbolic of people's obsession over pride and image, especially symbolic of modern day culture.

  6. "Because of you my new car-"
    Yes indeed, because of him, instead of destroying everything, it only destroyed a bit.

    "Mumen rider had tired him out"
    Of course, that explains the gigantic hole that appeared in the monster after the punch, as well as the punch literally blowing away the rain.

    The citizens of One Punch man really has the critical thinking skills of 3 year olds.

  7. Ok but let's be honest though, who didn't get pissed off at the first clip when the guy started blaming Saitama for his car getting broken?

  8. I still don't get the "because of you my new car" guy, some one should have really smacked some sense into him, like what did you plan to do if no one did nothing about the meteor? Just die and then have your corpse drive ashes of the car? F*cking be happy you are alive you shell of a human.

  9. All of the things to do in life, someone chose to mess with Saitama.

    Some people are really good at making bad decisions smh

  10. "Saitama" is a name of Japanese prefecture.
    And I live in the Saitama prefecture.
    And his round shape has nothing to do with it.
    However, it is true that Saitama Prefecture has an unassuming image.


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