SafeMoon SWAP and Liquify BIG Update Incoming!

Tired of seeing the SafeMoon price take a nasty hit from time to time due to SWAP and Liquify? Here’s the latest from the CEO of SafeMoon.

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19 thoughts on “SafeMoon SWAP and Liquify BIG Update Incoming!”

  1. *The crypto market has been favourable in the past weeks, I keep missing out on this opportunity, I'm most certainly very impatient how can I ever make a profit in the crypto market*.

  2. That was me asking him that question.. I never liked that function and I care less about the good side of it because it hurts us more than it does good in my opinion.. thatโ€™s why he said they are working on making it better ! Can you imagine while the market is doing and we are already down and now by Wednesday it will hit and send us at least-10% and then some people will panic sell as usual. Last time sent us from 27 or 28 to 24 and been down since them that was about 9 days ago. Itโ€™s frustrating that it keeps dragging us down so I hope they fix it soon because itโ€™s not fair in my opinion again.

  3. i havent like swap and liquify since the start, its another tax on an asset that has been taxed already.

    Not buying into it but what can I do, i'm a shrimp

  4. I really enjoy all your Safemoon videos but canโ€™t read the screen when you have it pulled up anyway you can take BTC price off so that your screen you are displaying is more visible?

  5. Hey Crypto, why not have a scrolling ticker tape of the Patreon names and people and things for sale along the bottom running?

  6. I got a question for you that im wondering….

    This New Exchange we about to get listed on…is that going to contribute to reflections for people that hold on the safemoon wallet? Because if not…then holding on the safemoon wallet and not a major top tier exchange is a waste, can't compare our daily 1-3 million daily volume to a possible 10-100 mill volume a top teir exchange offers.

  7. This drop in price from swap and liquify, could be/is a designed (intentional or not) anomaly that will allow people to LOAD up on safemoon with the intentions of SPENDING it as currency. So a periodic opportunity, if you will, to buy low, spend at more is GOOD, for future users – maybe not so much for the investors that have bought around 6, and have been holding. or those looking to cash out at increased price.. but for volume and utility – it'd seem to be really good! So, having said that, it is very concerning to me, that the DEV's say they are working on solving it – as it should be left alone, or at least recognized for the value it represents as is.

  8. Solution is release of our own block chain. This function is no longer needed for a coin, only tokens require liquidity pools to pair with native block chain they are on.


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