SafeMoon NEW Swap Announced SOON! SAFE MOON Wallet UPDATE NOW! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY! Safemoon is looking to get a new swap pairings next month. Safemoon wallet getting updates like crazy and the safemoon updates are rolling out all the time. Safemoon swap is a great way for safemoon holders and other holders to work together. By giving opportunity to both holders the safemoon wallet is looking to grow the crypto community and even more importantly the safemoon community.

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47 thoughts on “SafeMoon NEW Swap Announced SOON! SAFE MOON Wallet UPDATE NOW! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!”

  1. #whadayaknow Let’s Gooooo!! I am one of those guys who checks his wallets everyday and then checks the news. I watched my money go up and now I’m watching it dip. Fortunately I can watch this money go to 0 and I will be fine, but I am not going to get nervous about this. I know once it starts going up I will be happy. And for any reason if I loose it al, I will accept this truth, life has just been crazy anyways loosin a K won’t kill me. Even if this is a huge chunk of my own money

  2. My SafeMoon coins arrive today! What a professional company. Delivery was quick. They are exquisite. Much more than I expected. Don’t hesitate to get your favorite coin.

  3. iotex have big event on 27 January 2022 big pump is coming 300 % to 400% very bullish pump is coming best luck for all iotex coin holder

  4. #whatdoyouknow another great video!

    What am I doing on this dip?
    Buy buy buy! Let’s gooooooo why would you not load up on a discounted product that will give you a great return later on? πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ€©πŸ€©

  5. Hey SAFEMOON JOE, would love a shirt to promote SAFEMOON over here in AUSTRALIA, I’m a XXXL size if you have a spare one.
    Thx brother

  6. Greetings! Nice job brother, just been thinking…what if we found out that xrp was connected to SF…or vice versa. Just a thought. Have a great day everyone!

  7. Since 2017 I’ve seen bull runs change peoples life. I’m done watching and the time passing. During this dip, gotta keep stacking them up. Cause once the next couple bull runs happen. Financial freedom #whadayaknow

  8. Great job as always! I really enjoy watching your show everyday my Brother! You are an asset to the SafeMoon army! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  9. Please I need HELP I swap my SafeMoon from my choice wallet to the Safemoon wallet but now on BC scan says New Safemoon address now my money is lost I need to know how to recover it please help

  10. once we come out of this bear market, safemoon should thrive and hopefully more with those 2 big pending exchange listings


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