RÜFÜS DU SOL – Live from Joshua Tree

RÜFÜS DU SOL Live from Joshua Tree
A film by Alexander George
With Tyrone Lindqvist, James Hunt and Jon George

Produced by Danny Robson & Alexander George
Associate Producer: Irene Ku
Assistant Producer: Derek Rickert
Assistant Director: Zach Toupin
Edited by: Scotty Beatty & Alexander George
Audio Mixing: Cam Trewin & Marti Humphrey
Assistant Engineer: Adam Carl
DP/Camera Operator: Michael Booth
Camera Operator: Joe Butler, Trevor Dean, Vinnie Mac
Steadicam Operator: Jose Espinoza
Camera Assistant: Thomas Line
Drone Operator: Brady Spear
Lighting Designer: Matthew James Smith
Lighting Director: David Fairless
Post Producer: Scott Beatty
Assistant Editing: Stephen Shirk
VFX: Andrew Finch, Eric Schrecongost
Colorist: Yanni Kronenberg
Color Assistant: Conlan Mackenzie
Tour Manager: Nemanja “Nam” Bujisic
Production Manager: Jonathan Nelson
Field Producer: Sebastien Kamyab, Clark Fyans
Site & Production Manager: Tim “Wildcat” Peterson
FOH Engineer: Cam Trewin
Monitor Engineer: James Gueness
Audio Technician: Benny Masterton, Dyllan Brooks
Audio Record: David Williams
Playback Tech: Chase Dobson
Backline Tech: Bryan Berge
Lead LX Tech: Joe Silva
LX Tech: Jeffrey Culp, Ernesto Jovel
Production Assistant: Brendan Buckley, Shaun Cyrkin
Production Labor Crew Chief: Kai Christensen
Production Labor: Shianne Buduan, Samantha Chambers, Conner Cross
Lead Truck Driver/Labor: Brian Winchester
Truck Driver/Labor: Sean Topham, Todd Hornsby, Jesse Ailshire
Driver: Greg Sanchez, Matt Reyes

Special Thank You To:
Tom Corson
Aaron Bay-Schuck
Cameron Webley
Jeff Sosnow
Natasha Kilibarda
Julian Hewitt
Corey Pelton
Rob McAnelly
Max Frieser
Kelly Noe
Jason Evigan
Cassian Stewart-Kasimba
Leah Barylsky
Dale Becker
Reprise Records
Warner Records
Cover Artwork By: Reuben Wu
Thank you Arri Rental, Volt Lites, The Dub Stage

Rose Avenue, Mixmag & Reprise Records Present
RÜFÜS DU SOL Live from Joshua Tree

Shot on Location at AWE Ranch California

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