Rivian R1T vs Toyota Tundra Snow Wheeling Adventure – One Of These Trucks is Just Plain Awesome!

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( https://tfl-studios.com/ ) It’s electric versus gas off-road! Does the Rivian R1T and its four electric motors (plus all the onboard tech) dominate the twin-turbocharged Toyota Tundra off-road? Andre and Roman find out with some winter wheeling!

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0:00 Intro
2:52 First Challenge: The “Snow Bog”
4:12 onX Offroad Maps — Check it out!
4:44 R1T vs. Tundra: The Tires
6:29 Second Challenge: The Ditch Crossing
11:53 Third Challenge: The Staircase
16:48 Wrap-up


41 thoughts on “Rivian R1T vs Toyota Tundra Snow Wheeling Adventure – One Of These Trucks is Just Plain Awesome!”

  1. The suspension on the rivian is woeful , zero articulation and the rise looks terrible , maybe they need to study a 30 year old Rangie .

  2. Watching the TFL guys 'wheel is like watching your grandparents make out. You know you shouldn't do it but you hope you'll learn something. But you are full of regret when it's all over.
    These ladies need to learn about momentum and throttle modulation.

  3. How will this trucks batteries hold up in a Winnipeg Manitoba winter??? This would be my biggest issues. Or is this just a june to september truck. For up here?

  4. That white noise that the R1T emits has to go. Quite annoying. That would be one of the first things I would do upon purchase, find the darn speaker and clip the wire to it.

  5. Hi TFL loved listening to this overview of the Rivian, I have I few questions that I would like to put forward for you to ask Rivian when you do the debriefing:
    1. Will the green light bar become a charging progress bar with upcoming software updates?
    2. Can the Rivian accept 35' tires if the owner would like to put them on.
    3. For the upcoming 180kwh MAX pack, will the larger battery take up any storage space that the 135kwh Large pack provides? I.e, will there be less storage in the 180kwh version compared to the 135kwh version.
    4: Overtime, will it be possible to add software updates that increase charging speed further than 210kw and horsepower and torque?
    Finally, will the 180kwh MAX pack R1T come with less/more torque and horsepower than the 135kwh version that you tested during Rivian week?
    Thank you so much TFL for throughly testing this vehicle for us, and I would be grateful if you could ask a few of these questions to the Rivian team on behalf of your audience. Well done guys!

  6. When TFL does an off road review, they do a MF OFF ROAD REVIEW!!!! WOOOO!!!! 'Merica. Keep up the great work guys. Would love to do some off pavement review with you guys one day.

  7. I bought the first year Tundra in 2007 and loved it. Let me say the new one is about as ugly from the front as I’ve ever seen.

  8. These trucks are too heavy and don’t have the right tires for these conditions. I rented a 4500 pound 2009 4 runner and it got stuck in my front yard in 10 inches of snow. I had to use my Cherokee to pull it out.

    The Cherokee has open diffs. No traction control but it only weighs 3700 pounds. As long as you don’t stop it will ride on top of snow packing a layer between it and the ground. I can drive through 2 feet of fresh snow with only 8” of ground clearance.

  9. Tundra, why? cause the other one is a EV. Until EV technology can perform the same as combustion engine vehicles as far as range, power available and charging times, this is all peeing in the wind.

  10. I don't understand recent Japanese SUV and truck offerings. Most have low sporty fronts that are perfect for dragging on stuff their older vehicles would laugh at.

  11. Sadly enough the R1T won't make it to the EU since if the GVWR is over 3500kg you need a CDL to drive it and you can only go 90kph (50mph). The R1T empty is 3100kg so once you have 5 people in it you're already over that weight limit.

  12. Hey guys, great video as usual! Totally off topic question. What hand held radios are you using? I notice you use them a lot to communicate and I need something to replace my old radios. Thanks


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