Red Dot Forum Camera Talk: Leica M11 – Unveiling an Icon

In our first Red Dot Forum Camera Talk episode of 2022, Leica experts David Farkas and Josh Lehrer will be discussing the brand-new Leica M11 digital rangefinder. Tune in at noon today to learn all about the latest digital rangefinder. They’ll have both black and silver cameras, the new Visoflex 2, the new handgrip and lots to talk about. David had the chance to shoot with and review the camera. Check out his full written review loaded with real-world sample images here:

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42 thoughts on “Red Dot Forum Camera Talk: Leica M11 – Unveiling an Icon”

  1. great video! you guys are blinding me with the Submariners! Is that a 124060 and a 126610LV? I have them both! Love seeing them here! Can't wait to get my M11 and M11 monochrome of course!

  2. They put an aluminum top on the black because everyone wants it in brass. They know the caps should be the other way around. Expect a black brass cap with a hefty markup.

  3. Really great review guys. Very comprehensive with all the details no one has covered. Thanks for covering the accessories and connectivity. Very helpful, especially since many of these upgrades and changes go straight to this new evolution’s significant improvements. From what i can see, the heart and soul of the M is preserved, while making great and necessary improvements. For an M guy who understands the necessary ‘keeping up’ with the industry, this increasingly difficult challenge is met at the highest levels of smart and ‘essential’ without losing its roots.

  4. Great informative video, always love what you guys are doing, question is… is the bottom plate made of the same material like the top plate? Say, silver, bottom and top made of brass? Or just the top plate?
    I got my M10R black paint love it so much, but the m11 is tempting

  5. Is there any downside from staying in the 36 megapixel mode?
    As an M10 user, 24 megapixels is good but the bump to 36 is enough to be useful without hindering my current workflow much. I’ve played with SL2 files and those are a doozy, 60 just feels like overkill (for the eventually SL3 I’d like if they only went up 50MP still and then focused on making the other elements of the camera much more powerful and potent btw) Sure for landscapes and cityscapes and specific tripod work, I’d use 60 where you get crazy detail and can zoom in forever.
    But for the most part I’d like to stay in 36, unless there was some issues that aren’t obvious from the information out there by Leica and various reviews at this moment.

    I can only imagine a world where the M10-R never came out and the M11 was just made as a 36 megapixel camera, oh how simple that would be.

  6. I wish Zeiss would make a simple ZM mount EVF ZX2 and keep the price under $2k. With Leica digital M cameras I need to delay my purchase until they depreciate for about ten years 😂

  7. Thanks for a great video, as always!

    About the name "B.S.I." : From the electronics engineer's point-of-view, the electronic stuff is built into the normal, usual, top side, that's the photosites which are on the back!
    And they are of course illuminated by the light coming from the lens.
    So for any chip designer, the photosites are obviously (dah!) on the bottom, or on the back if you prefer.
    It's just that these camera makers have this weird habit of putting the chip's back at the camera's front side. 🙂

    Hoping it makes more sense…

  8. This has probably been asked a hundred times but do you use Leica gear to record these YouTube videos? Thanks for all you do!

  9. I have a question for the next episode. I have a Leica 90mm f/2.2 Thambar-M. I would love to see/hear how it performs on the M11 with its 60mp sensor.

    Great show as usual! Thank you for the awesome free content you keep on making.

  10. Questions for your next video: Any light flicker issues with full electronic shutter? Does M11 have any light flicker detect/avoidance technology?

    Feelings if M11 colors close enough to the M10 that switching cameras would not be noticed in an ongoing print project?

    Red dot same size? – I'd like to transfer my black dot 😉

  11. The black model being aluminum is not some thing I was interested in. I wish they had stuck with brass. And why can’t they just offer it as an option with black paint, without it being some limited production 2000 models extra high pricing. I would also prefer if they had stuck with the original base plate design… I think it had a tremendous amount of durability to the base plate and use of the camera.

  12. Question: will M11 Live View mode overheat/heat up the body? I'm using my M10-r and every time I enable live view, the body gets hot 🔥

  13. hey guys great video once again! I'm very curious since i heard that the m11's has better live view durability? meaning that perhaps it doesn't heat up as much as other m10s since i have friends having m10s go to service pretty often since they used live view a lot. Thanks guys please let me know since it is a deciding factor for me of buying m11 or not, cheers!

  14. A Leica-M digital that will fill needs of pro and amateur photographers. A true journalist rig. It's tough competition out there, the "elephant" in room. The phone camera. wishing Leica a great success.

  15. David, how does one select info profiles under Capture Assistants? There're four profiles one can set up but how to select them for use?

  16. I like this channel and I like using Leica a lot but I really can’t see anything game changing about the M11 and you guys keep saying this “game changer” thing a lot in this video.

  17. I am waiting for Leica m12 which has 100Mp resolution and IBIS and autofocus lens and so on.. meanwhile I am using Leica MP

  18. Im REALLY considering selling my SL and L mount lenses and jump ship to an M11. I knew I shouldnt have tested my friend's M10.

  19. 2 hours video is a lot 🙂 2 most importants things I’d like to know guys : how is the startup time and shutter sound comparing to M10P ? The 10P is pretty slow to start (almost 2 sec.), but almost silent. Seems like no one talk about theses 2 essentials things. Thanks

  20. Rather surprised at the size of the Visoflex 2…with todays Technology, they can’t make it somewhat smaller? All of the Leica’s external viewfinders over the years have always been such bulky items. I’m sure it’s amazing, but I’m still surprised at the bulkiness of the size.

  21. I loved my worn out faded Leicas and I think brassing looks more beautiful on a black M. I hope they offer a black M11 with a brass plate in the future.

  22. Could you do a comparison of image quality, especially sides and corners, between SL2-S and M11, please?
    I am interested in the way wide angle lenses are handled. Nothing extreme, let’s say 24mm Elmar and 35mm FLE. I am asking as I remember M series sensors had these special optics to allow handling wide angle lenses’ corner smearing. My understanding is SL2-S’ sensor doesn’t have that, but wondered if it matters in real life examples with just a tad of pixel peeping. 😇

  23. Well done, guys! David, great suggestion for combining electronic shutter with shutter delay for landscape!

  24. Request for next M11 show: Can you show how the Silver M11 looks with the black handgrip on it since the silver one is not yet available?

  25. any updates on banding. Such as syncing with mercury vapor type lights or like trying to sync with a TV screen. I had this problem with both my sl2 and m10


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