(REC) Unimoon AMA Session With Community, Q1 2022 Strategy Update

Updates January 7, 2022:
– CMO coming on february
– We are focused on making it the easiest as possible, give you control on your content, value everybody’s time. Mainstream adoption.
– UMoon app test demo coming soon, 20 feedback applicant.
– Data Scientist & Karl are working on data module (user, media object, etc).
– SCC algorithms coding starting next week
– NFTs marketplace is doing very well
– BlockExplorer to be shared soon
– Supply to be lower at our blockchain

Unimoon is a Decentralized Media(DeMe) network built to create more self-sovereignty for individual users and the energy they commit to
The energy, popularity, reach and engagement of media
objects is represented through the use of the Unimoon coin. When a
piece of media is created and published the efficacy and absorption
radius of that media is measured by its Social Activity
The Unimoon platform will dynamically calculate the SAC value of an individual piece of media based upon that media object’s engagement curve over the course of its lifetime receiving Unimoon coin rewards.
Users who interact with – view, amplify, modify, create – a media object will receive Unimoon tokens based on the accrued SAC value. Unimoon holders are incentivized to unlock utility of the token through various mechanisms that allow tokens to be utilized within the Unimoon network and ecosystem.
The goal of Unimoon token mechanics is to incentivize healthy growth of content and services while creating more transparency for the exchange of human energy to nearly instant realized value distinguished by a user’s uploaded media object’s engagement curve on the network through a decentralized social media platform.

Doxxed Team Profiles:
• Founder / CEO : Dale Song
• Blockchain Architect : Karl Mozurkewich
• Marketing Manager : I
• Advisor : Robert Menendez
• Blockchain and Mobile Dev Teams : UTROPICMEDIA
• Marketing Agency : Blockchain Pros
#unimoon #decentralizedmedia #web3
Event schedule:
• Launch Date : Unimoon Successful launch on PancakeSwap on Thursday 11 November at 5pm UTC

Website : Unimoon.io
Telegram : https://t.me/UNIMOONnetwork
Twitter : @UNIMOONnetwork

For Submission Proposal Please fill out this form https://tinyurl.com/UNIMOON


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  1. uMOON a unique usecase project… Driven by a professional team…. No doubt uMOON will be the crypto project of 2022….💝💝💜💓💞

  2. This is going to change up the social space!! What other project do you know is creating an l1 blockchain so the community can expand on unimoon ??

  3. We reched 30 M market cap when no any big promotion but in future our app lunching L1 Lanching near i think we will hit 10 B market cap first🚀🚀🚀💥💥


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