Reaper Farm FTM-TSHARE Staking and Unstaking FULL Tutorial Easy to Follow

Reaper Farm complete start to finish staking tutorial
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00:00 Introduction
00:28 Get C98 wallet
03:19 Reaper Farm overview
04:35 Step by step in C98 wallet
05:16 Swap $FTM to $ TSHARE
07:17 Create Liquidity Pool (LP)
08:53 Deposit LP in Reaper Farm
10:30 PART 2 – Unstaking Profits
12:39 Remove Liquidity

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21 thoughts on “Reaper Farm FTM-TSHARE Staking and Unstaking FULL Tutorial Easy to Follow”

  1. Lucas – when we stake on Reaper – what do we receive – will we receive more Tshare or Tomb ? Wasnt sure if it was the same as staking on Tomb itself

  2. How do you currently work out how to withdraw ONLY your profits? I'm struggling to calc how my profits relate to my withdrawable shares. 'More Info' tells you how much your LP has grown, but if I try and withdraw that figure my stakes LP moves down dramatically as it's taking from my 'Shares' Any help would be much appreciated!

  3. great video, I have a question. Why would anybody stake ftm-tomb instead of just putting it all in ftm-tshare? if the return is better on tshare? thanks

  4. Hey mate! Just letting you know i followed your tutorial to stake FTM/Tshare on Reaper. It was very helpful. I have liked & Sub. Thanks!

  5. Hi great video hope we dont a get hacked or rugged pull… what is the difference with ftm and wrapped

    carry on the great work


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