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RACA – RADIO CACA 2021 | WHAT IS Hidden Gem Team RADIO CACA (RACA)? Popular payment tokens of the NFT market 🎟Web: radiocaca.com 🎟Medium: radiocaca.medium.com 🎟Twitter: twitter.com/radiocacanft 👉 Global Group: https://t.me/RadioCaca
👉 Vietnamese Group: https://t.me/RadioCacaVN
✅ Contract: 0x043b49749e0016e965600d502e2177ca2d95b3d9 📌RACA is not a meme/shitcoin project, pure RACA technology start-up, NFT niche. Do not use the mindset/habit of surfing meme/shitcoin projects into RACA. ⇒ Thinking day/week → month/quarter/year 📌RACA is a Legit (prestige, real-life) project, RACA has passed the rug/scam stage. However, from Legit to Success is a different story. 📌RACA needs to add staff knowledgeable about Blockchain/Finance to develop an overview and specific Business Model suitable for Blockchain/NFT niche RACA needs more focus for Marketing Strategies Maye Musk – Mother of DogeFather Buy, Wait & See – Don’t rush RACA – RADIO CACA 2021 | Hidden Gem Team 🌠KiwiGROUP- All In One Financial Destination ————————— ⚜️ Website: https://kiwigroup.com.vn/
⚜️ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/KiwiGroup.com.vn
⚜️ YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/HiddenGemTeam ⚜️ Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@gfsgroupoffical ======================== ‼️ DISCLAIMER :- ALL INFORMATION SHARED ON THE TEAM’S CHANNEL ARE TEAM’S OWN VIEWPOINTS AFTER RESEARCHING NUMBERS – CURRENCY INVESTMENT IS A VCCIAL INVESTMENT, ONLY YOUR INVESTMENT. PERFORMANCE ======================== All For Information Purposes And Not To Be Considered As Investment Advice You should do your own research before make investment decisions. GFS | Hidden Gem Team is not a financial advisor and will not take any responsibility for your investment.” #Raca #Radio_Cara #Raca_Crypto #Raca_Token #KiwiGROUP #hiddengem #oldmansach


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  1. Sao trong clip anh minh lại để là “RAIDO CARA “
    Mấy link anh để cũng là radiocara nhỉ
    Thắc mắc xin dc giải đáp ạ

  2. Góp ý nha! Đã lên kênh đại chúng mà lại lấy sai tên địa chỉ wedsite nữa vậy bạn, mà là wedsite lừa đảo nữa, không khéo người xem vào nhầm thì mất tiền oan rồi. Đề nghị chỉnh lại thông tin!


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