quiizzzmeow – FTM (flytomoon)

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TEXT: If they say to the moon, I’ll fly on a fly. Take off, landing, take off again – a ghoul doesn’t always fuck. Again Rubik chills in the bath, we praise poses four. Earned respect ban, “Crumbs pour us a kid!” Knocks out with one blow This is Bogdana’s temlarochka The heavenly punishment descends to everyone Stupidly decides the soul of a gambler And with him Alwayswannafly, FTM (Fly to moon) – I’m going to the moon, they took Lunu to the pussy, why is it so easy? I don’t understand. Two for 20 with Virtus pro, Genych is in the mid lane on the batruh, too easy for him, Ilya shoots in the ear. Free game is a trifle, 2 to 20 is what you need, and who is the next VP? like in that movie, brother for brother fly, you are one hundred percent black, civilians are dragged by the general Alohatanets for 2 minutes, I ran to smoke. I fucked up the rink again, but I lost the crumbs. The clan of bonchinche poses four ears hid the best in the world, salting is not a problem for me – rubik in the peak is a topic. Vityun PL gave everyone we boldly smashed, OD in the mid lane two nulls – fucking intellect. There is no need for strength. A general on Mars is nearby, if someone disturbs, he will put a spear in his face. not every team will be able to go five mid to zero to take roshan together, control someone’s fate fly to moon flight is normal, turn off the fucking car you have a game of 200 bucks today I will throw BONUS fly to moon oh yes look at us this is my whole squad and your light fading five bald fly always strangles line phoenix for life fuck true online fly to moon 2 -0 well fuck home here four ghoul he is an evil right hook today dodge vityun pressed time wolf general fucked up you sweaty troy hookshot #quiizzzmeow #FTM #alohadance


43 thoughts on “quiizzzmeow – FTM (flytomoon)”

  1. Была легендарная команда, но всё закончилось после подписания в Нави. Грустно как-то.

  2. Минуту в память FTM… (Надеюсь все поймут, классно было quizzzzmeow!!!)

  3. из лучших в худших. Как больно это слушать когда ты осознаешь что этой команды не будет никогда…

  4. показали рамзика и нуна , ты сука знал о том что они в нави будут да сука?

  5. После того как играет сейчас только v tune из ftm. больно смотреть и слушать


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