#OCTA: IDBN Illiquid Divergence Bottom Nailer featuring BTC ADA SOL FTM LINK and Algorand

#OCTA #IDBN #IlliquidDivergence @PrfDude #Bitcoin #Solana #Cardano #Fantom #Chainlink #ALGO
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00:00 Introduction
01:10 On Chain & Technical Analysis
1:45 Don’t Fight or Mind the Fed
3:00 Who Is Impacted by Increasing Interest Rates
4:00 Welcome to On-Chain Technical Analysis
4:17 Illiquid Divergence from @PrfDude
4:50 Thesis is Simple
5:30 IDBN – Illiquid Divergence Bottom Nailer
6:23 Top Nailing Not as Good But Not Bad
7:00 Zooming In – 75% Ain’t Bad!
8:11 Fear and Greed from LookintoBTC
9:22 MVRV Z Score at 0.85
10:40 Retail is Selling, Pain is Felt
11:36 STH SOPR – Short Term Holder SOPR (STH-SOPR) is SOPR that takes into account only spent outputs younger than 155 days and serves as an indicator
12:45 Persistent Drainage Continues
13:10 Illiquid supply ‘going up relentlessly’
13:40 Is Saylor Buying Again?
15:14 Crazy Stacking
15:53 Bitcoin at BEPt: Futures Perpetual Funding Rate
16:50 BTC vs SPX and QQQ
17:55 Speaking of Kraken – they say ADA outshines ETH
18:55 ADA Chart
20:25 LINK @ $15
21:00 FTM Defying the Downturn
21:20 Solana Chart
22:50 Alogorand Chart


35 thoughts on “#OCTA: IDBN Illiquid Divergence Bottom Nailer featuring BTC ADA SOL FTM LINK and Algorand”

  1. I’m so glad I have found your channel at 21 years of age. I have learnt a lot and look forward to the future. 1000% my favourite YouTuber! Keep it up James

  2. Putin will do nothing. It's the NATO-Davos-MIC-CIA-MI6-IMF-MSM global mafia doing all of this. The entire border with Russia has been militarized by the west. You need to get up to speed on the whole "Russia bad" propaganda. You must be watching CNN & FOX. You must be smarter than this. Sad

  3. Attention 🖐🖐 it's so strange that everybody is happy, you cannot understand that bear market started at the last BTC ATH? Look at the price charts in LOG appearance. Nobody will tell you that we are in a bear market until wast amount of time passed. Be realistic, at least fix a part of your portfolio to stabecoins. Everybody have a hopium, it's not real thinking. All alt coin already gave crazy gains, and most of the people bought these alt coins in the last year. How do you think everybody can get profit? It's impossible, somebody should loose money, and people that came in crypto recently are these people that will lose their money. Smart investors were buying 2+ years ago, not now. Now they are fixing. New people now buying "dips" 😂 These dips still are crazy in terms of profit for smart investors. Just my thoughts 🤷‍♂️ what do you think?

  4. 11:19: the key is to ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT!

    The hole point of btc is to buy it and never sell it, like a virtual savings account. The mms will pull the rug out from the retailers who don't know the value (which is 1/500th of all world known value as of the ath so it will likely only go up as hisotry progresses and adoption is raised and the younger generations get more money).

    Just understand this, buy and hold the gold. When it was down 20%, that's when you get more!

  5. Great content as usual! 👍👌Loved the round up at the end….. there are some good cryptos out there at great prices, I'm in it for the long game, when people panic about price crashes I'm thinking what crypto I can pick up at a low price and hold long term, need to work keeping more dry powder 😂 thanks again boss, your the best! 👍❤🇬🇧

  6. After the "F¬CK ELON!!!!!! F4CK ELOONNNN!!!!!!" embarrasing scene, Max Kaiser lost all credibility for me. Or better said, lost all posibilities to have any credibility.

  7. Will Clemente had some interesting comments about the demand side on Twitter very recently; interesting to see in relationship to the supply side!

  8. James you consistently repeat that you're majorly bullish on Solana and not a fan of Algorand. Can you expand on those points at all? I haven't seen you ever explain either of those opinions and am curious to hear your analysis.

  9. you shouldnt use yt channels for your strategies or buy oppourtunties but if this man is not the best 24 hour news cycle for knowing what the people are thinking about, i just dont know what else is.

  10. Cheers mate! Have been tuning in every day since around the time you started the channel. You're one of the only people on YouTube I've hit the bell button for! I'd love to buy you a mushroom coffee one day 😉

    Much love – An Aussie in USA.

  11. @InvestAnswers : James : Thank you and I applaud you on reporting on Cardano. We know you like Solana over Cardano, but fantastic job of still giving fantastic detailed information on Cardano! I am a Cardano holder and realize that there are issues but also believe it is a long term hold, but I kind of feel the hodlers of ADA are similar to those who love Apple products and the Apple ecosystem. Like myself I am a huge fan of Apple (was not until about 5 years ago) and there are diehard fans and like Cardano it will take something major to shake their resolve.

  12. Can you PLEASE do a piece on GBTC?

    – with the current market and so called "discount", I reckon it would be a popular topic.

  13. Hi James, Not sure whether you ever manage to review late questions from the previous day. Wanted to say how much I appreciate your daily programs especially your chat with Ben Cowen the other day. I hold a lot of GBTC so it was great to hear an update on your thoughts on the crazy discount to NAV. Quick question, I'd love to hear your thoughts on HOLD (Immutable Holdings) as a play to cover early stage crypto projects. The chart (albeit not much history) is looking interesting (with an entry around 2.10 and stop loss at 1.85-1.90) and has held up very well during the recent pullback in the market.


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