New Toyota Corolla 2021: the Corolla Hybrid test drive, info, price and features

At first glance, the new Toyota Corolla in this test drive looks almost like a concept rather than a series car. Tense lines, many scattered cuts and here there on the bodywork have the double role of giving character to this medium, but also the shape of a sports car. At the front you can immediately notice the pointed headlights – which fit well into an almost aggressive front area. Even the air intake under the license plate takes its part to complete this effect. On the sides the wheel arches are wide, the ribs make a lot of movement with the final area, towards the rear that goes up towards the rear window. In short, a beautiful Corolla that stands out – more and better than the old and misunderstood Auris. The trunk of this Corolla 2.0 is the only aspect that convinced us a little less than the Japanese average. In all we can have a load compartment of 313 liters – a little less than many competitors in the C segment format. A little better goes if we choose to take the Corolla with a 1.8 petrol engine, in this case we go up to 361 liters. By folding down the backrests, you reach – with both engines – 1024 liters. Fortunately there is also the Toyota Corolla Wagon… The extreme and particularly recognizable exterior design does not follow that of the interior of this Toyota Corolla. Indeed, when we get on board we are welcomed by a lot of space and rationality. A look that we could almost define traditional, but which betrays all the Japanese expertise for what is the choice of materials and the care with which they have been assembled. The upholstery is soft and the instrumentation is easy, in which I particularly appreciate that of the climate – two-zone and with the knobs in plain sight. The infotainment system instead pays for a graphics that are not too captivating, but has the merit of being very fluid, without lag. And in any case from the Corolla 2019 it is possible to take advantage of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols. Convenient, still speaking of Smartphones, charging without a cable. Beautiful red stitching, both on the console and on the seats. Behind it is accessed quite comfortably and you can enjoy enough cm for both the legs and the head. Even those who sit in the middle are not having a bad time, thanks to a really mentioned central tunnel. Just from above the tunnel it is possible to regulate the flows of the climate. Finally, the attachments for the ISOFIX child seats are very convenient – protected by a lid when not needed and very easy to “hook”. The combined power of the 153 HP petrol engine and the 107 HP electric give us a Toyota Corolla with 180 HP and 190 Nm of maximum torque. Only in electric you can travel a handful of kilometers, but this is clearly not Corolla’s mission. A nice improvement also came from the automatic gearbox, which is still a CVT, but which has filed away – quite a lot – the annoying scooter effect. The soaring effect works really well – allowing you to travel electrically when moving at a constant speed and without power demands. A Corolla that has also proved efficient from the point of view of comfort. The level of soundproofing is good as well as the suspension works very well, capable of absorbing all the roughness of the road surface well. Even when cornering, you can appreciate how the Corolla stays on the road, with a rather limited lateral lying. While on the mixed you can also have fun between turns, thanks to the steering behavior – always precise and very direct. The standard equipment of this new Toyota Corolla is very rich. On all configurations there is the Safety Sense package with all the most useful driving aids, such as automatic emergency braking, lane keeping, reading of road signs up to the regulator which autonomously maintains speed and safety distance with who precedes us – to completely stop our Corolla. For a fee, with the Lounge, we then have the 1200 Euro package which includes blind spot monitoring and the head up display – while the Wireless charging of the Smartphone is standard. Other News on:

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15 thoughts on “New Toyota Corolla 2021: the Corolla Hybrid test drive, info, price and features”

  1. L'avevo valutata in versione Sw.
    Mi piaceva (e mi piace tutt'ora) esteticamente il frontale e le linee in generale sportiveggianti.
    Però internamente un po' piccola e stretta, bagagliaio incluso, per le mie necessità.
    Anche nella cura generale interna, delle finiture…. L'ho trovata robusta e ben assemblata però un po' "spartana",certo in stile giapponese.
    Non ho apprezzato inoltre che alcuni pacchetti/optional/allestimenti fossero legati al tipo di motorizzazione e venduti per forza in abbinata ad altri che magari non interessavano.
    Anche se in questo, ogni casa automobilistica ha le sue stranezze….. Però qui le ho trovate più "limitanti" diciamo.
    Comunque, in generale, una buona impressione e, se non altro, il vero ibrido!

  2. Io ho una corolla touring sport 2.0 e non riesco a fare più di 14.5 / 15 km con un litro……non capisco se è un problema della mia vettura o se i test che si trovano su internet sono poco attendibili

  3. Buongiorno a tutti, ho visto vari test drive ma mi sfugge un particolare che (penso) possa essere fondamentale. La Corolla monta lo stesso motore ibrido della nuova Yaris? Per intenderci quello che fa intervenire il motore elettrico fino a 130 km/h (almeno da quello che afferma la Toyota). Grazie a chi saprà darmi una risposta!!!

  4. La bruttezza fatta a macchina. Accidenti, 20-21 km/l, che consumi eccezionali. Con un diesel medio (Focus, 308, …) ne faccio 24-25. Tutta questa tecnologia per consumare di più di auto che sono già sul mercato, un vero passo avanti 🙂

  5. Recensione completa, complimenti. Tuttavia credo che il futuro prossimo sia il diesel e che all'orizzonte si riesca a scorgere l'elettrico.


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